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MHRMC Condemns Greece's Blacklisting of Ethnic Macedonians as Yet Another Canadian-Macedonian is Denied Entry into Greece
The Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada (MHRMC) condemns Greece's continued blacklisting of ethnic Macedonian human rights activists and political refugees. Yet another Canadian citizen of ethnic Macedonian descent was denied entry into Greece, as the Greek government continues to backtrack on their recent pledge that Macedonian political refugees would ...
Third Meeting of Child Refugees from Aegean Macedonia to be Held in Lerin
The third meeting of children - refugees from Aegean Macedonia will take place on August 20-24 in Lerin, executive secretary of the meeting Organization Board Gorgi Donevski said Monday at a press conference. "Conditions for organization of this meeting are created as Greek authorities have decided to simplify procedure for acquiring Greek visas, starting from today," Donevski said.
Symbolic Reception at the Macedonian/Greek Border to be Held August 10, 2003
Source: Rainbow/Vinozhito Regarding the question of exceptions *(N 1266/1982) relating to the repatriation of the Macedonian political refugees from the Greek Civil War (1946 - 1949), many of whom, as small children, were forced to abandon their homes and many of which after the end of the ...
MHRMC Condemns Greece's Continued Blacklisting of Ethnic Macedonians
Sources: Deutsche Welle, Dnevnik, Vest The Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada (MHRMC) condemns Greece's continued blacklisting of ethnic Macedonian human rights activists and political refugees. Despite Greece's recent pledge that Macedonian political refugees will finally be allowed to enter Greece this summer, after 55 years in exile and in ...
Theatre Group from the Republic of Macedonia Performs for Macedonians in Mala Prespa
Sources: Macedonian Human Rights Committee of Melbourne and Victoria, Dnevnik, Utrinski Vesnik For the first time, ethnic Macedonian children from Mala Prespa, Albania watched a theatrical presentation performed in the Macedonian language. The Theatre for Children and Youth from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia performed the play "Lakomata meca" in front ...
"Out of Exile" - Ethnic Macedonian Refugees to Return Home to Greece After More Than 50 Years
by Aleksandra Ilievska The Greek government has announced it would try to right some of the wrongs committed against ethnic Macedonian political refugees who were exiled from Greece after the Greek Civil War of 1946-1949. In a new age of European Union standards of human rights, the ...
Greece Set to Open Borders for Ethnic Macedonian Civil War Refugees
RFE/RL Balkan Report Vol. 7, No. 19, 20 June 2003 Fifty-five years after the end of the civil war that ravaged his country between 1946 and 1948, Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Andreas Loverdos gave a remarkable interview to the Athens daily "Eleftherotypia" of 8 June.
Macedonian Political Refugees Will Be Able to Visit Greece This Summer
MILS NEWS (Macedonian Information and Liaison Service) The spokesperson of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Panajotis Beglitis, yesterday confirmed that official Athens is prepared to resolve the issue of the Macedonian political refugees and expelled persons from the period of the Civil war in Greece, a half century ago.
Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Announces Free Return of Macedonian Political Refugees
Macedonian political refugees (known as the Detsa Begaltsi or child refugees), were evacuated from Greece during the Civil War of 1946-49 and have consistently been denied entry into Greece simply because they assert their Macedonian ethnic identity. Former child refugees who assert a Greek identity have been allowed to return to Greece.
Info Zora - The Rainbow/Vinozhito Newsletter - February/March 2003 - No.10
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