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Our Name Is Macedonia

Our Name Is Macedonia


 MHRMI Launches New OUR NAME IS MACEDONIA Campaign With Billboards Throughout Macedonia. END THE NAME NEGOTIATIONS NOW!

Press Release

September 21, 2017

MHRMI has launched a new Our Name Is Macedonia campaign - demanding an immediate end to the racist, anti-Macedonian name negotiations - with billboards in Skopje, Bitola, Tetovo (see the pics below) and soon in additional cities throughout Macedonia, along with television & radio commercials, newspaper & online ads, press conferences and hundreds of thousands of flyers.

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Media coverage:

• Fox 8
• EIN Newsdesk
• Topix
• ТВ21
• Слободен Печат
• ТВ21
• Фокус
• Нетпрес
• Ohrid Sky
















Dr. Chris Popov #OurNameIsMacedonia! Read Dr. Chris Popov's analysis of the #Macedonia "name issue":

February 18, 2018

Over the last few months we have been assailed by arguments presented by ministers, members of parliament and spokespersons in the puppet Zaev government and their political allies in the media in favour of a name change. Amongst this barrage of misleading information, mental acrobatics and pure disinformation, the argument most often presented is the one that posits that a name change will not affect Macedonian identity and self-identification. We have witnessed both Zaev and Nikola Dimitrov assure us that they will not even “countenance a solution” if there is any chance of #Macedonian identity and the Macedonian language being described in such a way that they are diluted, diminished, ridiculed or disrespected.

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The Wrestler Risto Our Name is Macedonia

February 17, 2018

Еве порака од најновиот член на Македонското меѓународно движење за човекови права, борачот Ристо, за поддршка на кампањата „Нашето Име Е Македонија“!
Here's a message from Macedonian Human Rights Movement International's newest member, the wrestler Risto, in support of the Our Name Is Macedonia campaign!

Споделете го ова видео насекаде, особено во Македонија
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Makedonsko drushtvo ILINDENСоопштение за јавност

 Македонско друштво “Илинден” - Тирана со задоволство и дава безрезервна поддршка за кампањата #НашетоИмеЕМакедонија, организирана од ММДЧП

January 21, 2018

Македонско друштво “Илинден”-Тирана со задоволство и дава безрезервна поддршка за кампањата #НашетоИмеЕМакедонија, организирана од Македонското меѓународно движење за човекови права (ММДЧП) во Торонто, Канада. Македонско друштво “Илинден”-Тирана јавно му се заблагодарува на Македонското меѓународно движење за човекови права (ММДЧП) за поддршката на кампањата #НиеСмеМакедонија, изразува најголема благодарност на Македонското меѓународно движење за човекови права (ММДЧП) и на неговите партнери заради организирањето на оваа кампања уште од 2010 година.

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EFA European Free Alliance Joins MHRMI's Call to End the Anti-Macedonian Name Negotiations

Press Release

January 13, 2018

MHRMI is pleased to announce that the European Free Alliance has joined our call to end the anti-Macedonian name negotiations and has called on support for Macedonia's basic right to self-determination.

MHRMI sincerely thanks EFA for its tremendous support and calls on other political parties, human rights organizations, institutions such as the United Nations, European Union, and NATO, and individual countries to live up to their obligations under international human rights conventions and support Macedonia's basic human right of self-determination.

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WMC Canada World Macedonian Congress – Canada congratulates MHRMI on a successful launch of the “OUR NAME IS MACEDONIA" campaign

September 22, 2017

World Macedonian Congress – Canada congratulates the Macedonian Human Rights Movement International (MHRMI) on a successful launch of the “OUR NAME IS MACEDONIA" campaign in Skopje, Bitola, Tetovo and soon in additional cities throughout Macedonia along with television and radio commercials, newspaper and online ads.

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United Macedonians United Macedonians: Name Negotiations with Greece Threatens Macedonia’s Survival

October 6, 2017

Congratulations to Macedonian Human Rights International (MHRMI) on their successful launch of Our Name is Macedonia campaign which includes billboards in Skopje, Bitola, Tetovo and soon in other cities across Macedonia; and will further include advertising on television, radio, newspapers and online. We fully support MHRMI’s call for Macedonia to terminate immediately the name negotiations with Greece.

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See the Macedonian ad here (.gif)

See the Macedonian ad here (.pdf)

See the English ad here (.gif)

See the English ad here (.pdf)

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Македонците од Република Македонија и од целиот свет дадоа огромна поддршка за рекламната кампања "Нашето име е Македонија", со која што се бара Македонија да ги прекине сите преговори со Грција за своето име.

ММДЧП и АМКЧП бараат од сите Македонци во Република Македонија и странство, да се придружат на барањето Македонија веднаш да ги прекине преговорите за името и да побараат неодложно меѓународно признавање под името Република Македонија.


Macedonians in the Republic of Macedonia, and throughout the world, are showing overwhelming support for the "Our Name is Macedonia" ad campaign, which demands that Macedonia end all negotiations with Greece over its name.

MHRMI and AMHRC call on Macedonians, in the Republic of Macedonia and abroad, to join our call for Macedonia to immediately cease name negotiations and demand immediate international recognition.


• MHRMI and AMHRC Launch Ad Campaign Demanding End to Name Negotiations
• ММДЧП и АМКЧП започнуваат со кампања за прекин на преговорите за името

• Macedonians Demand End to Name Negotiations
• Македонците бараат прекин на преговорите за името

• American and European Union Foreign Policy Fails Macedonia

• Our Name is Macedonia Campaign Gains Momentum

• MHRMI and AMHRC Condemn Macedonian Government's Continued Participation in Name Negotiations
• ММДЧП и АМКЧП ја осудуваат македонската влада заради продолжување на преговорите за името

• MHRMI and AMHRC Denounce Clinton's Demands that Macedonia "Solve" the Name Dispute
• ММДЧП и АМКЧП бараат од Клинтон да се откаже од изјавата дека Македонија треба да го "реши" проблемот со името

• MHRMI and AMHRC Reiterate Demand That Macedonia End Name Negotiations
• ММДЧП и АМКЧП повторно бараат Македонија да ги прекине преговорите за името

• Hague Judgement Reinforces Need for Macedonia to End Shameful Name Negotiations
• Пресудата од Хаг ја зацврсти потребата за Македонија да ги прекине срамните преговори за името

• MHRMI Met with Canadian Foreign Affairs, Called on Canada to Denounce Name Negotiations
• ММДЧП оствари средба со канадските министерства за надворешни работи, побара од Канада да ги осуди преговорите за името

• MHRMI and AMHRC Call on Nimetz to Resign Post and to Denounce Name Negotiations
• ММДЧП и АМКЧП бараат од Метју Нимиц да поднесе оставка и да ги осуди преговорите за името

• ACT NOW: Contact your Member of Congress to Denounce the Name Negotiations!
• Вклучете се и вие во акција: Побарајте од вашиот член во Конгресот да ги осуди преговорите за името!

• MHRMI Meets with Macedonian President Ivanov, Reiterates Demand that Macedonia End Name Negotiations
• ММДЧП се сретна со македонскиот претседател Иванов, повторувајќи го барањето Македонија да ги прекине преговорите за името

• Canada Can, and Must, End the Macedonia/Greece Name Dispute
• Канада може, а и мора, да стави крај на спорот со името меѓу Македонија и Грција

• Apply London Mayor's Anti-EU, US Arguments to Macedonia Name Dispute and It Would Be Over
• Ако се прифатат аргументите на градоначалникот на Лондон против ЕУ и САД, спорот со името би бил завршен

• MHRMI Calls on Macedonian Athletes to Refuse to Walk in Behind Letter “F” for “FYROM” at Rio Olympics
• ММДЧП бара од македонските спортисти да одбијат да дефилираат на Олимпијадата во Рио позади буквата „Ф“

• MHRMI Calls for the Removal of all Diplomats Who Refuse to Use Macedonia's Name
• ММДЧП бара протерување од државата на сите дипломати кои што одбиваат да го употребуваат уставното име на Македонија

• MHRMI President Bill Nicholov published in The Hill, America's leading political newspaper - Change US misguided policy in Macedonia
• Во водечкиот американски политички весник The Hill објавена е статија од претседателот на ММДЧП Бил Николов – Корегирајте ја погрешната политика на САД во Македонија

• MHRMI and AMHRC Demand an Apology from the IOC for Disrespecting Macedonia
• ММДЧП и АМКЧП бараат од Меѓународниот Олимписки Комитет јавно извинување заради непочитувањето кон Македонија

• International Paralympic Committee - Show That you Respect Macedonia's Name
• Меѓународен Параолимписки Комитет, покажете дека го почитувате името на Македонија

• 25th Anniversary of Macedonia's Independence – MHRMI Demands Respect for Macedonia's Name
• 25-годишнина од македонската независност – ММДЧП бара почит за македонското име

• Greece – The Republic of Irrelevance
• Грција – Република Ирелевантија

• MHRMI Meets with UN Special Envoy Matthew Nimetz, Calls for his Resignation and an End to the Macedonia Name Negotiations
• ММДЧП се сретна со специјалниот претставник на ОН Метју Нимиц и од него побара да си поднесе оставка и да прогласи крај на преговорите за името на Македонија

• MHRMI Meets with US State Department Officials, Calls on US to Support Macedonia's Name, Macedonian Minority Rights, and to End its Interference in Macedonian Politics
• ММДЧП одржа средба со американскиот Стејт Депатмент на која што побараа од САД да дадат поддршка за македонското име, за правата на македонските малцинства и да не се мешаат во македонската политика


From the Social Media
• Macedonians must protest any negotiation of our name and USA/EU/UN interference in our most basic of human rights.

• Macedonians, start a Common Sense Revolution. End the corrupt UN name negotiations & protest against USA/EU interference in OUR Macedonia.

• Congratulations on leaving the EU, FEUMUK! (Former European Union Member United Kingdom) Macedonia, stop negotiating our own name to enter the EU.

• MHRMI Calls on Macedonian Athletes to Refuse to Walk in Behind Letter “F” for “FYROM” at Rio Olympics

• MHRMI Calls for the Removal of all Diplomats Who Refuse to Use Macedonia's Name

• The Macedonian Olympic Committee has not responded to our repeated requests about refusing to walk in behind the letter "F" for "FYROM" at the Rio Olympics. ASK THEM: -- --

• MHRMI sent our Olympic appeal on a news wire and is getting a tremendous amount of international media coverage. The world is learning, and supporting, Macedonia's fight for our own name. OUR NAME IS MACEDONIA.

• Make America Respected Again

• International shame coming up at Rio 2016. If Macedonia is forced to walk in as "FYROM", let's watch FOCOG too, the Former Ottoman Colony of Greece. Can't wait to see the competition between the FBCOA and the FSROR. Does it even matter what these acronyms stand for? Stupidity. Where is the international community to stand up for basic human rights and common sense?

• PLEASE SHARE: Demand apology from IOC. Macedonia begins with M -- Who else is sick of watching Macedonia embarrass itself by walking in behind E,B,F or any letter except M at the Olympics? IOC and UN, stop sucking up to Greece. Macedonia, STOP NEGOTIATING YOUR OWN NAME

• For those wondering, Hillary Clinton called for Macedonia to change its name on July 19, 2011. MHRMI immediately denounced her. See today's op-ed in The Hill, where US politicians get their news and a first-hand look at MHRMI's reaction to the USA's and Hillary Clinton's disastrous policy in Macedonia.

• We posted this to the IOC's Facebook page and it was immediately deleted. Keep posting it to until they apologize and use Macedonia's real name -- *** SHARE (most important), like, retweet and contact the IOC ***

• No country name on #Macedonian athlete Risto Pandev's uniform. #Macedonia, stand up for yourself. #IOC, go F yourself.

• Dancing broccoli at the #Rio2016 #ClosingCeremony is almost as stupid as #Macedonia not using it's own name.

• #Greece did not refer to any part of its current territory as #Macedonia until 1988", Dr. John Shea, 1997.
• Acts 16:9 Paul said "Come over to Macedonia and help us" not "Come over to the Former Yugoslav Republic of #Macedonia" #OurNameIsMacedonia

• @realDonaldTrump, #Macedonians are angry at Clinton 4 demanding #Macedonia change its name. Denounce her, or are u afraid of #Greek lobby?

• Int'l shame coming up at #Rio2016. If #Macedonia is forced to walk in as "FYROM", let's watch FOCOG too, Former Ottoman Colony of #Greece.

• "Former Yugoslav Republic of #Macedonia"? Will the Former British Colony of #America win medal count? #OpeningCeremony

• Thanks @UmDiaspora 4 joining MHRMI's call 2 use #Macedonia's real name. Demand apology from #IOC #OurNameIsMacedonia

• Bill Nicholov, @mhrmi President,published in The Hill.Change #USA misguided policy in #Macedonia #OurNameIsMacedonia

• "#HillaryClinton called 4 #Macedonia 2 change its name..#Macedonian-Americans cannot, in good conscience.. vote 4 her"

• #Macedonian athletes, how did u feel walking in as "Former Yugoslav Republic of #Macedonia" at #Rio2016? Join our demand 4 apology from #IOC

• Has anyone seen the word #Macedonia on the #Macedonian athletes' uniforms or outfits? Having #MKD is not a win. #OurNameIsMacedonia #Rio2016

• MHRMI posted its call 4 #IOC apology 2 #Macedonia on @Olympics #Facebook page. It was immediately deleted. Show #Respect

• It's sad watching #Macedonia athletes compete with no country name on their uniforms. #IOC, admit u're corrupt.

• No country name on #Macedonian uniform. #Macedonia, stand up for yourself. #IOC, go F yourself.

• Last chance 2 stand up 4 #Macedonia's name at #Olympics #ClosingCeremony. Proudly display Macedonia, not country of __ like on your uniform.

• @European_WB #OurNameIsMacedonia not "#Skopje". Explain yourself. And why you're enabling #Greek racism.

• #Macedonia, name the statue Alexander the Great, not "warrior on a horse" like the #USA told u 2.


Media Coverage of the 'Our Name is Macedonia' Campaign:
MHRMI and AMHRC Condemn Macedonian Government's Continued Participation in Name Negotiations
ММДЧП и АМКЧП ја осудуваат македонската влада заради продолжување на преговорите за името
Eurasia Review Why Is EU Demanding That Macedonia Change Its Name?
ТРИБИНА: Итен прекин на разговорите за името со Грција
Македонска Искра: ММДЧП и АМКЧП бараат од македонската Влада да ги брани интересите на Република Македонија МХМРИ и АМХРЦ: Црвенковски врши притисок за промена на името 
Курир: МХРМИ и АМХРЦ побараа Македонија да ги прекине преговорите за името 
A1 Телевизија: Итен прекин на разговорите за името со Грција? 
Макфакс: Дебата: Итен прекин на разговорите за името со Грција 
InPress: Дали и зошто треба да се прекинат преговорите за името? 
A1 Телевизија: Бирократскиот хаос ги брка инвеститорите 
Дневник: Државата слепа за печалбарските пари 
Нова Македонија: Државата нема стратегија за парите на иселениците 
Време: Дијаспората праќа пари ама не вложува 
Телма Телевизија: Македонија не води сметка за дознаките од иселениците 
Канал 5 Телевизија: Колку пари од иселениците влегуваат во Македoнија? 
Матица на иселениците на Македонија: Печалбарите не’ спасуваат, а никој не ги есапи 
Македонска Нација: Иселениците влеваат една милијарда евра во Македонија 
Журнал: Иселениците учестуваат со 20% во бруто-домашниот производ 
НВО Инфоцентар: Државата мора рационално да ги искористи парите од иселениците 
МИА: Eagleburger: Greece has no historic right to dispute over Macedonia's name
ТРИБИНА: Придонесот на дијаспората во македонската економија

American Chronicle: Macedonians Demand End to Name Negotiations

Телевизија Сонце: За македонско национално единство на Македонците во иселеништвото и татковината

Дневник: И дијаспората ќе ја креира иднината на Македонија (scroll down)


ТРИБИНА: Дали и зошто да се прекинат преговорите со Грција
Macedonian Information Agency: Robin O'Neil: Macedonia must not change its name

А1 Телевизија: Груевски: Не ги прекинуваме преговорите за името, но сме многу претпазливи

КОНФЕРЕНЦИЈА ЗА МЕДИУМИ: Никој нема право да преговара за моето име

InPress: Прес на ММДЧП - Дијаспората бара да прекинат преговорите со Грција за името

Дневник: Иселениците дојдоа со кампања против преговорите

BBC: Трета опција од дијаспората

Нова Македонија: Дијаспората бара прекин на преговорите за името

Канал 5: Македонската дијаспора: Владата да не преговара за името со Грција

А1 Телевизија: Македонската дијаспора е за прекин на преговорите за името

Сител: Кампања за името во Австралија

Алфа ТВ: Дијаспората бара прекин на преговорите со Грција

Утрински весник: Да престанат преговорите со Грција

Портал Форум: Почеток на кампањата „Никој нема право да преговара за моето име“

Алсат-М: Иселениците бараат да прекинат преговорите со Грција

Журнал: Иселениците бараат Македонија да прекине со преговорите

Курир: ММДЧП и АМКЧП започнуваат кампања по мотото „Никој нема право да преговара за моето име“

eReporter: Кампања за крај на преговорите со Грција

Таратур: Преговорите со Грција за името треба да престанат

NetPress: Манговски: Преговорите со Грција за името треба да престанат

Organizations that support MHRMI:

 United Macedonians Organization of Canada

 St. Clement of Ohrid Macedonian Orthodox Cathedral

 Lerin Region Cultural Association of Ontario

 Benefit Society Oshchima

 Воденица - Форум за политика и историја
  Stop the negotiations. Wake up Macedonians!

 Macedonian Truth Organisation
  Sometimes stating the obvious is very powerful. Well done, you have our full support.

 Integrity Estates Pty Ltd
  The Macedonian name is 'Not Negotiable'

 Australian Macedonian Weekly
  Great work guys!

 Macedonian Forum for Electronics / Makedonski Forum za Elektronika

 Pollitecon Publications

 Tugjino Jabano
  Macedonians do exist world wide. Macedonia and the Macedonians will live forever.
  Well done, let's spread the word. Macedonia is the name of our Country and we are Macedonians!

 Free thinkers Association

 Матица на иселениците од Македонија
  Only forward Macedonian brothers and without negotiations

 I, Macedonian

 Macedonian Alliance
  Stop negotiations now! Macedonians unite!

  Едно име имаме, МАКЕДОНИЈА!

 Аncient Мacedonians
  Respect our voice, our integrity and our rights. We are Macedonians too.Don't we have a say regarding our name? Do not bargain with it. It is not for sale.

 Australia-Macedonia Chamber of Commerce

 Чкембари - Битола
  Our name is Macedonia

 European Alliance Republic of Macedonia
  'If you tolarate this, than your children will be next'. Stop killing democracy in the world!

 MK United
  Да се прекинат преговорите за промена на името.

 Macedonian Radio 3zzz Melbourne
  Exclellent message!

 Хуманост - Скопје
  Јас се викам Македонија

 Ф.К. Вардар - Скопје
  Our name is Macedonia!!!

 Радио Македонска кафана
  Македонија за Македонците

 Toronto Macedonian Support Society

 NGO SEMAC Makedonija
  Nobody has right to call me otherwise! My name is MACEDONIA!

 360 Macedonia

 I am Macedonian
  Thank you MHRMI and AMHRC! Citizens or not, we are all Macedonians and we should all come together and speak up against any name change! I am Macedonian!

 United Macedonians
  Our name is Macedonia, no one has the right to negotiate it in any way.Our identity is under threat so we the Macedonians must protect our constitutional and historical name Macedonia. United we are stronger!

 Мacedonian radio station - Nikola and Dragica Belchevski
  Macedonia for the Macedonians ALWAYS from Russia to Macedonia; 550 million people. One race, one alphabet, same history,   same love, same God, same churches; May God Unite Us All - We are all one people. We are the aboriginals of Europe! Thank you - Love all my people, Sokolo - Nikola Belchevski

 Youth Assotiation

 Radio Macedonian Melbourne
  Our name is Macedonia... and We will always Be Macedonians...

 Alex The Great

 MAC - Macedonian Academic Council
  You have the complete support of the Macedonian students and student associations in Canada. Excellent work MHRMI & AMHRC!

 ADS Accountants
  Bravo MHRMI. Stop this madness now!

 Organising Body for the Macedonia, Macedonians, Forever Protest - Melbourne 2008
  An excellent initiative well worth the support of all Macedonian organisations!

 Vila Zora Veles Canada
  I am Macedonian, my language is Macedonian. Macedonia for the Macedonians.

 Macedonian Orthodox Church Sts. Cyril & Methody
  The Republic of Macedonia. This is who we are & where we came from, Macedonian Never Greek, Bulgarian, or Serbian.

 NGO SEMAK Macedonia

  Mein Name ist MAZEDONIEN, oder MACEDONIA, und Original ist: MAKEDONIJA!

 Australian Macedonian Theatre of Sydney
  Well done, keep up the great work. You have our support.

 Macedonian Community of Adelaide & South Australia inc.

  Не за промена на името...

  Никој нема право да ни го менува името...

 Stop the pigeon

 MK RID 36
  I love you forever MKD

 The Flyers & Mike Sonar

 Royal LePage
  We are the ancient nation, with ancient name and coulter. Macedonia was, it is, and will always be Macedonia, never Greek!!! For The Glory & Truth of Macedonia.

 Alexander III of Macedon
  Great work! There are still lot of Macedonians who need to wake up.

 Banitsa, Lerin, Egejska Makedonija
  Nobody from Banitsa wants to change our name, it is Macedonia.

 Facebook - Р. Македонија

 Artbit produkcija, vesnik EGO
  Треба да се издржи!

 The Lukaroski Team
  Call me by my name, call me Macedonian!

 Nevoleni, Lerin, Egejska Makedonija
  Long live Macedonians.

 Мacedonia Тimeless
  Our name is Macedonia!

 German Cultural Center
  Macedonia forever

 Sorovich, Egejska Makedonija
  Our name is Sorovich, and our name is Macedonia.

 Naturheilkunde Club Germany

 Embore, Kozhani, Egejska Makedonija
  Embore sekogash imashe i ima Makedonsko naselenje, imeto nikogash nema da go menime, toa e Makedonija.

 NGO EC-Balkanica, R. Macedonia
  Macedonia = Culture of peace, country.

 Prime Interior Works
  Excellent Guys. I totally support this ad.

 Negush, Egejska Makedonija
  Nie sme Makedonci od Makedonija. Grtsija da si go smeni imeto.

 Benefit Society Besfina

 Chapkoun Pharmacy
  We have just as much rights as does every other nation. Macedonia means Macedonia! Macedonian means Macedonian!

 Bovedino Property Group
  Само едно име имаме, Македонија!!!

 Sekulevo, Lerin, Egejska Makedonija
  So vekovi Sekulevo beshe Makedonsko, imeto nikogash ne go menuvame, da zhivee Makedonija.

 Canadian Macedonian News
  The Macedonian name is my identity.

 Kukush, Egejska Makedonija
  Nie sme vnutsi na Gotse Delchev, imeto e Makedonija nishto drugo.

 Навивачка група 'Комити'
  I`m born like Macedonian, and I will die like Macedonian!

 Macedonian Network
  My name is Macedonia!

 German, Lerin, Egejska Makedonija
  Nikogash ne go menuvame vekovnoto ime, da zhivee Makedonija.

 Macedonische Gemeenschap in Nederland
  Support Democracy! Support Human Rights! Support MACEDONIA!

 Risto Stefov Publications
  Our country's name is not negotiable!

 Macedonian Golf Club, Sydney Australia

  За прекин на преговорите

 Canadian Macedonian Federation
  We feel that our nation's name is an issue that cannot be open to negotiation. We support the use of our nation's rightful name, Macedonia.

 Village of Gabresh, Kostur
  Macedonia for the Macedonians!

 BalkansunMKD Enterprises

 Canadian Macedonian Historical Society
  Our identity is non-negotiable!

 Bel Kamen, Lerin, Egejska Makedonija
  Nie Makedontsite I Arnautite (Albantsite) od Bel Kamen, imeto nashe e MACEDONIA.

 Macedonian Orthodox Church Rockdale, Australia
  Никој нема право да преговара за името. Македонија, е, била, и ќе биде Македонија. Запрете ги преговорите. Не сакаме кумови.

 Trnava, Lerin, Egejska Makedonija
  Imeto ni e Makedonija. Nie sme Makedonci.

 Makedonska Zora, Canberra
  The Name is Macedonia. Stop Red Line.

 Australian Macedonian Chamber of Commerce

 Матица на иселениците oд Македонија

 Macedonian Breakfast Show Sydney Australia
  There is only one name Macedonia!

 Rula, Lerin, Egejska Makedonija
  Ruleni in Canada, Australia and Europe are adamantly opposed to any change to our sacred name and identity.

 Velika's Way
  So call negotiations about our name are nonsense. Like kids discusing to change the name of their Mother.

 MINT - Initiating Investment in Macedonia
  Unequivocal and absolute support over the issue.

 ANITS - Accredited National Interpreting & Translating Services
  Demanding an end to all negotiations with Greece.

 Zhelevo, Lerin, Egejska Makedonija
  We are Macedonians, nothing else.


 Drama, Egejska Makedonija
  Naselenieto od gradot Drama ne go menuva imeto Makedonija..

 Kostur, Egejska Makedonija
  We the Kosturchani were always Macedonians, and our name is Macedonia.

 Lighthouse Restaurant
  We are Macedonian forever. Please don't change my name.

 Ber, Egejska Makedonija
  Nobody is allowed to change our name Macedonia.

 Women's Humanitarian Associoation-Hope inc. - Nadez

 Македонска Алијанса за Европска Интеграција од Албанија
  Не за промена на името! Да престанат преговорите!

 Gorno i Dolno Kotori, Lerin, Egejska Makedonija
  Nikoj nema pravo da ni go smeni imeto i identitetot, da zhivee tselokupna Makedonija.

 Solun, Egejska Makedonija
  Full support from Macedonians in occupied Aegean Macedonia. Macedonia is our name, its quite simply.

 Обединети Македонци за Европа
  Отсекогаш и засекогаш Македонци! Прекинете ги преговорите!

 Serez, Egejska Makedonija
  Macedonia is one. Nobody is going to change our name Macedonia.

 Macedonian Human Rights Movement - New York and New Jersey
  Our name is non-negotiable. Macedonia for the Macedonians!

 Lerin, Egejska Makedonija
  Pred 1912 Grtsija ne beshe vo Lerin, nie sme Makedontsi.

 Zagorichani, Kostur, Egejska Makedonija
  Nie sme Makedontsi, mojte roditeli se Makedontsi, kako mozham da kazham oti jas sum Grk?

 Gornichevo, Lerin, Egejska Makedonija
  Nie od Gornichevo sme Makedontsi nishto drugo,ako kravata rodi jare , togash i nie od Gornichevo sme Grtsi.

 Association of Refugee Children from Aegean Macedonia

 Machukovo, Kukush, Egejska Makedonija
  Stop the negotiation with Greece, we are Macedonians from Macedonia, nothing else period.

 Macedonian Orthodox Church - STS Kiril & Metodij - Cedar Grove, New Jersey
  Stop the negotiation. Period.

 Gabresh, Kostur, Egejska Makedonija
  So vekovi bevme, sme, i ke bidime Makedonci. Da zhivee Makedonskata nacija i Makedonskiot jazik. Makedonija e edna.

 Z.K. VMRO-DPMNE Melbourne
  Well done to the organizers of this campaign

 Kostur, Egejska Makedonija
  We the Kosturchani were always Macedonians, and our name is Macedonia.

 Macedonian Orthodox Community "St. Dimitrija Solunski" - City of Greater Wollongong
  We are Macedonians. Stop the negotiations with Greece. Our name is Macedonia for thousands of years and it will be Macedonia.

 Statitsa, Kostur, Egejska Makedonija
  Nie Statichanite sme Makedontsi ne go menuvame imeto i identitetot, da zhivee Makedonija.

 Armensko, Lerin, Egejska Makedonija
  So vekovi bevme Makedontsi i so vekovi ke se vikame Makedontsi.

 Makedonsko Radio "Tavce Gravce"
  Imeto ne smee nikoj da go menuva, sekoj koj ke se obide ke bide prokolnat od makedonskiot narod.

 Smrdesh, Kostur, Egejska Makedonija

 Facebook - Makedonija e se sto imame
  Stop za pregovorite

 Facebook - СТОП на преговорите за името!!!

 Rakovo, Lerin, Egejska Makedonija
  Ako ne sme Makedonci togash zoshto seloto se vika Rakovo, ne sakame drugo ime samo Makedonija.

 Negochani, Lerin, Egejska Makedonija
  Imeto Makedonija nikogash ne go menuvame toa da go znae vladata na Atina.

 World Macedonian Diaspora - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  Nema druga Makedonija

 Forum Batak
  Stop za pregovorite!!!!

 Pustec, Mala Prespa, Makedonija
  Site Makedonci od Pustec ednoglasno velime pregovorite za imeto da zapri, nasheto ime e Makedonija.

 Breznitsa, Kostur, Egejska Makedonija
  Nikogash ne go menuvame vekovnoto ime. Napred Makedonija.

 Rodokrajno Zdruzhenie Zagorichani

 Buf, Lerin, Egejska Makedonija
  Nikogash ne go menuvame vekovnoto ime. Napred Makedonija.

  Not for Sale

 Drzaven zavod za statistika
  Ne go menuvame imeto

  The name is not for sale!

 Trsje, Lerin, Egejska Makedonija
  Macedonia: Now and Forever.

 Zdruzenie na gragani za pocituvanje na propisite
  Ovoj nacin na pritisok i negiranje na Makedonija e prodolzenie na fasizoidnata politika kon Makedonija vo realizacija na Grcija.

 Radio Werkstatt Lora-Bonn
  Bidete Hrabri

 Vineni, Lerin, Egejska Makedonija
  Nie Makedontsite od Vineni nikogash ne go menuvame imeto, jazikot, identitetot, toa da go razberi Republika Atina.

  Moeto ime e Makedonija

 Macedonian Community Council of Victoria, Australia

 Macedonian Community of WA Inc
  No-one has the right to negotiate our name. It is "Macedonia" and that is that!

 Lak, Lerin, Egejska Makedonija
  Imeto vekovno ne go menuvame toa e Makedonija.

 ВЕГЕСА Инфо Систем

 FK Rockdale Ilinden Sydney Australia
  "Our Name is Macedonia". Immediately cease name negotiations and demand immediate international recognition.

 Stara Makedonija
  Greek people need to learn and understand what they have done to Macedonian people they took the land with its people and   now want to take our name by us changing it that will never happen and some one needs to put a stop to this and help our   country get our land and people of Macedonia back.

 Kozhani, Egejska Makedonija
  Makedoncite od Kozhani nikogash ne go menuvame nasheto milo ime Makedonija, Atina neka si go smeni negovoto ime.

 Organizacija Obedineti Makedonci - Detroit
  Golema podrska od nasata organizcija OOMD za ovaa kampana. Naseto ime Makedonija so vekovi postoi i ke postoi.

 Amerikansko-Makedonska Asocijacija
  Naseto vekovno ime je Makedonija i nikoj nema pravo da go menuva. Podrska davame od nasata AMS. Prets. Misko Vasovski.

 Macedonian American Student Association (University of - Michigan Dearborn)

 Macedonians in IRAQ
  We are Macedonian's and always will be.

 Krushoradi, Lerin, Egejska Makedonija and Chegan, Voden, Egejska Makedonija
  Se soglasuvame so MHRMI i so pretsedatelot na MHRMI Bill Nicholov, razgovorite da prekinat so Republika Atina.

 Best VIP Trip
  If I was alone, might be destroyed! We are too many to destroy us all! We are Macedonia, Macedonians and we live in the   Republic of Macedonia.

 Negush, Egejska Makedonija
  Negush e polno so Makedonsko naselenje, nasheto ime e Makedonija nishto drugo. Pregovori razgovori ne ti trebaat.

 St. Nedela Macedonian Orthodox Church

 Discover Macedonia
  Macedonia for the Macedonia! Our name is priceless. Macedonia is "Greek" since their propaganda after 1980.

 International Interpreting Agency


 Sojuz na Makedoncite so islamska religija - Skopje
  Ne pregovarame za imeto!

 World Macedonian Congress
  Stop the negotiations about the issue name!

 Macedonian Arts Council

 House of Immigrants of Macedonia

 Makedonska Alijansa za Evropska Integracija od Albanija
  Za nacionalnoto ime ne se pregovara!

 Geo Dizajn DOOEL - Ohrid
  Nikakva promena na imeto... MAKEDONIJA e edinstvena.

 Radio emisija "Od srce za SRCA" - Detroit
  Ako nekomu ne e jasno, da mu objasnime... Nie sme MAKEDONCI, a nasata tatkovina se vika MAKEDONIJA

 Turisticki sojuz na Skopje
  Prifakjame privremena referenca: Republika Makedonija (sloboden del)

 MOC St. Nativity of the Virgin Mary - Sterling Heights, Michigan USA
  We stand united with our people in never accepting any name but Macedonia. End these foolish negotiations now!

 Barclays Bank
  Macedonia is to never change their name to please greece, Macedonia will remain republic of Macedonia and will enter the UN 
  under its constitutional name, Republic Macedonia. Do not please the greeks, do not lose your identity, do not lose you history 
  and future, remain MACEDONIA.

 Macedonia News

 Drustvo "Selo Kukurechani", Sydney, Australia
  Chuvajte go imeto Makedonija

 Zdruzhenie "Sveti German", Prespa, Egejska Makedonija
  Imeto e vekovno i nema da se menuva

 Language Experts Pty Ltd

 Clean City
  Macedonian name never to be changed

 Women's Humanitarian Association Hope - Nadez, Inc.

 Makedonska nacija
  Nikoj nema pravo da pregovara za naseto ime

 VIP Travel and Holidays
  You change our flag and our constitution, but you will never change our country name - because we are Macedonians living in Republic of Macedonia!


Individuals that support MHRMI - from Macedonia, Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Columbia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italia, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Qatar, Scotland, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Uruguay, USA

(In alphabetical order, by last name): Daniela Abu Saleh - Canada, Sinisa Acevski, Milan Adzievski - Macedonia, Diana Adziovski - Australia, Marija Akimovska - Macedonia, Vasil Aleksandrov Kitanovski - Australia, Olivera Aleksovska - Canada, Trajce Aleksovski - Canada, Zoran Aleksovski - Macedonia, Aneta Alincanec - Macedonia, Sime Alusevski - Macedonia, Andrej Anastasov - Macedonia, Miroslav Andonov - Germany, Risto Andov - Macedonia, Viktor Andreevski - Macedonia, Rob Anevski - Australia, Slobodanka Angelovska - Macedonia, Daniel Angelovski - Macedonia, Novak Angelovski - Macedonia, Metodija Angjelkoski - Macedonia, Mary Antonakos - Australia, Josif Apostolov - Switzerland, Apostol Apostolovski - Australia, Pavle Arev - Macedonia, Viktor Arev - Macedonia, Vlado Arev - Macedonia, Darko Arsov - Macedonia, Damjan Arsovski - Macedonia, Marjan Arsovski - Macedonia, Toni Arsovski - Germany, Toni Arsovski - Macedonia, Vlatko Arsovski - Macedonia, Aleksandar Atanasoski - Macedonia, Jane Atanasoski - Macedonia, Aleksandar Atanasov - Canada, Aleksandar Atanasov - Czech Republic, Emil Atanasov - Australia, Violeta Atanasova - Canada, Christina Atanasovski - Australia, Matthew Atanasovski - Australia, Nicholas Atanasovski - Australia, Robert Atanasovski - Australia, Saso Atanasovski - Macedonia, Slave Atanasovski - Australia, Sophie Atanasovski - Australia, Ivica Avramoski, Kiril Avramoski - Macedonia, Goran Babusku - Australia, Marko Badzukov - Macedonia, Mike Bakalof - Canada, Hellen Bakarnis - Australia, Michael A. Bakrnchev - Australia, Borce Balalovski - Macedonia, Srebrin Baldjiev - Bulgaria, Danco Balevski - USA, Zoran Balukoski - Australia, Jovche Bedelovski - Macedonia, Ron Begovski - Australia, Dragica Belchevska - Canada, Nikola Belchevski - Canada, Zlatko Bereta - Australia, Sifija Bilkovska - Canada, Toni Bitolkovski - Macedonia, Natasa Bizimovska - Australia, Violeta Bizimovska - Australia, Adrijan Bizimovski - Australia, Gabriela Blazeska - USA, Ilinka Blazeska - USA, Magdalena Blazeska - USA, Vanco Blazeski - USA, Ljube Blazev - Australia, Vesna Blazeva - Australia, Aneta Blazevska, Sanja Blazevska - Macedonia, Biljana Blazevska-Stoilkovska - Macedonia, Nikola Bocevski - Macedonia, Aleksandar Bogatinov - Macedonia, Sasho Bogdanov - USA, Skye Bogdanov - USA, Mile Bogdanovic - Australia, Mirce Bogdanovski - Australia, Giorgi Bogle, Lila Bogoevska - Australia, Chris Bogoevski - Australia, Hristina Bogoevski - Australia, Philip Bogoevski - Australia, Kirk Bogoevski - Australia, Peco Bogoevski - Australia, Nadica Bojkova - Macedonia, Vladimir Bojmacaliev - Macedonia, Irena Borisovska - Macedonia, Marko Borizovski - Macedonia, Steve Bosevski - Australia, Hristo Boshkoski - Switzerland, Buba Boskoska - Macedonia, Goran Boshkov - Macedonia, Dimitar Boskov - Macedonia, Dimitrija Bozinoski - Australia, Dragan Bozinovski - Macedonia, Goce Bozinovski - Macedonia, Igor Bozinovski, Zoran Bozinovski - Slovenia, Hristina Breshkovska - Macedonia, Peter Brown - Australia, Shaun Brown - Australia, Suzana Brown - Australia, Goce Bumbarevski - Macedonia, Aleksandar Bumbaroski - Australia, Jovan Burmuzoski - Macedonia, Rista Canev - Australia, Stefan Canev - Australia, Dejan Causevski - Macedonia, Nuria Cenderelli - Argentina, Jovan Cenev - Austria, Boris Cergovski - Macedonia, Donco Cergovski - Macedonia, Nikola Cergovski - Macedonia, John Chapkoun - Australia, Nikola Chekichevski - Macedonia, James Christo - Australia, Boris N. Christoff, Jim Christou - Australia, Vasil Chulev - Macedonia, Gary Chumkovski - Australia, Igor Ciglovski - USA, Donna Clauder - USA, Garry Clifford - Australia, Mark Clifford - Australia, Vesna Clifford - Australia, Pavlina Cocov - Canada, Sotir Cocov - Canada, Vlatko Cocov - Canada, Bojan Contev - Macedonia, Carol H. Cooke - USA, Andrew Cox - Australia, Zlatko Crvenkovski - Macedonia, Daniela Curunoska - Australia, Robert Curunoski - Australia, Nove Cvetanoski - Macedonia, Dragi Cvetanov - Macedonia, Suzana Cvetanovska - Macedonia, Mome Cvetanovski - Macedonia, Dario Cvetkovski - Macedonia, Gane Cvetkovski - Macedonia, Goranco Cvetkovski - Macedonia, Ivica Cvetkovski - Macedonia, Predrag Cvetkovski - Cyprus, Branko Dachevski - Australia, Ognjanka Dajlieva-Doncevik - Germany, Ljuben Dalchev - Macedonia, Ernest N. Damianopoulos, Blagoja Damjanovski - Denmark, Georgi Danailovski - Canada, Oliver Danilov - Macedonia, Will Dankoski, Susanna Davis - Canada, Nikola Dekov, Sashe Denkovski - Australia, Ljupco Despotovski - Macedonia, Marjonka Dimeska - Australia, Milena Dimeska - Australia, Goce Dimeski - Australia, Steve Dimeski - Australia, Simona Dimitrievska - Australia, Suzana Dimitrievska - Australia, Daniel Dimitrievski - Australia, Ljupco Dimitrievski - Macedonia, Mirche Dimitrievski - Australia, Stojan Dimitrievski - Australia, Dragan Dimitrijev - Macedonia, Lazar Dimitrijev - Macedonia, Hristijan Dimitrioski, Konstantin Dimitrov - Macedonia, Bisera Dimitrova - Sweden, Blagica Dimitrova, Milica Dimitrovska - Macedonia, Aleksandar Dimitrovski - Canada, Goran Dimitrovski, Tomislav Dimitrovski - Macedonia, Zoran Dimitrovski - Macedonia, Biljana Dimoski - Macedonia, Dimitar Dimoski - Macedonia, Dimo Dimoski - Macedonia, Jana Dimoski - Macedonia, Milka Dimoski - Macedonia, Vasko Dimoski - Australia, Vlado Dimoski - Macedonia, Zoran Dimoski - Macedonia, Done Dimov - Australia, Slobodan Dimov - Macedonia, Toni Dimov - Macedonia, Radica Dimovska - Macedonia, Svetlana Dimovska - Canada, Svetlana Dimovska - Macedonia, Aleksandar Dimovski - Belgium, Bale Dimovski - Australia, Bojan Dimovski - Macedonia, Boris Dimovski - Canada, Cooper Dimovski - Australia, Dean Dimovski - Australia, Dianne Dimovski - Australia, Irene Dimovski - Australia, Jackson Dimovski - Australia, Logan Dimovski - Australia, Lube Dimovski - Australia, Marcus Dimovski - Australia, Meri Dimovski - Australia, Nikola Dimovski - Australia, Oliver Dimovski - Australia, Riste Dimovski - Australia, Risto Dimovski, Steven Dimovski - Australia, Tina Dimovski - Australia, Tom Dimovski - Australia, Toni Dimovski - Canada, Velika Dimovski - Australia, Vera Dimovski - Australia, Zoran Dimovski - USA, Filip Djorgonoski - Canada, Miroslav Djorgonoski - Canada, Biba Dodeva - Macedonia, Adriana Dodevska - Australia, Miki Dodevski - Australia, Ljupco Dojcinovski - Macedonia, Risto Doneff, Davor Donevski - Macedonia, Milan Donevski - Australia, Blagica Dosheva, Elena Draganovska - Macedonia, Dino Drvarov - Macedonia, Dejan Dudeski - Macedonia, Juliana Dukadinoska - Macedonia, Anna Dukoski - Canada, Todor Dukov - Macedonia, Rosica Dukova - Macedonia, Boshko Dukovski, Zan Dukovski - Macedonia, Renata Dumanovski - Canada, Christina Dumbovska - France, Marjan Dzin - Macedonia, Angelo Economedes - Australia, Lazar Efremov - Macedonia, Ivan Eftimov - Macedonia, Trajan Eftimov - Macedonia, Sasko Eftimovski - Macedonia, Zoran Endekovski - South Africa, Eva Ewangelu - Canada, Maja Fajndovic - Serbia, Mark Farren - England, Luis Fetaovski - Switzerland, Goce Fidanovski - Germany, Dimitar Filevski - Macedonia, Ilija Filipovski - Australia, Jovan Filkoski, Jitka Flekacova - USA, Domagoj Eyal Franchishkovic - Switzerland, Marijan Galevski - Australia, Saso Galevski - Australia, Filip Gareski - Macedonia, Dragana Gelevska, Sofia Georgiadis - Australia, Aleksandar Georgiev - Australia, Ogi Georgiev - Australia, Pavlinka Georgiev - Australia, Vela Georgiev - Australia, Vlado Georgiev - USA, Lenka Georgieva - Macedonia, Elizabeta Georgievska-Pavlovic - Macedonia, Darko Georgievski - Macedonia, Saso Georgievski - France, Martin Gicevski - Macedonia, Aleksandar Gichevski - Macedonia, Alexander Gigeroff - Canada, Aleks Giorshev - Canada, Chris Giorshev - Canada, Dan Giorshev - Canada, Mary Giorshev - Canada, Anthony Girovski - Australia, Hristina Givens - Canada, James Givens - Canada, John Givens - Canada, Zena Givens - Canada, Sterjo Gjalevski - Macedonia, Susana Gjoreska - Australia, Oliver Gjoreski - Australia, Filip Gjorgjevik, Danka Gjorgijevska - Australia, Lidija Gjorgjievska - USA, Vesna Gjorgijevska - Australia, Violeta Gjorgijevska - Australia, Zvezda Gjorgijevska - Australia, Blagojco Gjorgjievski - Australia, Bojan Gjorgjievski, Danko Gjorgjievski - Australia, Dime Gjorgjievski - Australia, Dragi Gjorgjievski - Macedonia, Igor Gjorgjievski - Australia, Pavle Gjorgjievski - Australia, Mirjana Gjorgjioska, Milenko Gjoshevski - Macedonia, Ilija Gjozev - USA, Karin Gocevska - Netherlands, Tale Gogovchev - Macedonia, Melina Golubovska - Macedonia, Roman Golubovski - Macedonia, Vladimir Golubovski - Macedonia, Marija Gondeva - Australia, Slavica Gorevska - Australia, Vlade Gorevski - Australia, Branko Gorgievski-Kecovski - Australia, Venco Gorgievski - Serbia, Blagojce Gorsev - Sweden, Dejan Grncarevski - Australia, Jovce Grozdanoski - Macedonia, Zoran Grozdanov - Macedonia, Nick Grozdanovski, Jordan Gruev, Leon Guculj, George Gunovski - Canada, Ilija Gushev - Canada, Stefana Gusheva - Canada, Kevin Harig - Germany, Darko Herbai - Croatia, Peter Hill - Australia, Steffen Hofmann - Germany, Suzana Hofmann - Germany, Jovan Hremasovic, Krste Hremasovic, Lube Hremasovic, Neda Hremasovic, Roderik Hremasovic, Biljana Hristova, Slavica Hristova - Macedonia, Vesela Hristova - Macedonia, Vesna Hristova - USA, Aleksandar Icev - USA, Kosta Ilias - Canada, Darko Iliev - Macedonia, Dragan Iliev, Ilija Iliev - Germany, Trajce Iliev - Canada, Nada Ilievska Gruevska - Macedonia, Branko Ilievski, Miso Ilievski - Australia, Sotir Ilievski - Canada, George Ilinkovski, Betty Ilinkovski, Bety Ilioski - Australia, Dean Ilioski - Australia, Damian Ilioski - Australia, Isabella Ilioski - Australia, Liljana Ilioski - Australia, Metodija Ilioski - Australia, Tony Ilioski - Australia, Vojo Ilioski, Kocho Iliov - Greece (Aegean Macedonia), Ivana Iliovska - Macedonia, Vasil Iljovski - Macedonia, Martin Incevski - Macedonia, Yuri Ivanov - USA, Biljana Ivanovska - Macedonia, Jasmina Ivanovska - Macedonia, Lepa Ivanovska - Macedonia, David Ivanovski - Macedonia, Dragan Ivanovski - Macedonia, Filip Ivanovski - Macedonia, Igor Ivanovski - Macedonia, Marjan Ivanovski - Macedonia, Milorad Ivanovski - Macedonia, Ivana Jakimovska - Macedonia, Ivan Jakimovski - Macedonia, Vladica Jakimovski - Macedonia, Antoni Jakovleski - Macedonia, Velibor Jakovleski - Canada, Gordana Janakievska - Macedonia, Ognen Janeski, Ana Janevska - Macedonia, Daniela Janevska-Gievska - Macedonia, Goce Janevski - Macedonia, Hristo Janevski - Australia, Saso Janevski - Macedonia, Daniel Jankoski - Australia, Lupco Jankoski - Australia, Aleksandar Jankuloski - Macedonia, Biljana Jankulovska - Macedonia, Mara Jankulovska - Macedonia, Olga Jankulovska - Macedonia, Rajna Jankulovska - Macedonia, Ico Jankulovski - Macedonia, Spase Jankulovski - Macedonia, Dusko Janusev - Canada, Mirche Janushevski - Macedonia, Michael Jarevski - Australia, Goca Jaska - Macedonia, Dejan Jazadjiev - Macedonia, Sonja Jelich - Macedonia, Lence Joleska - Australia, Suzi Joleska - Australia, Paul Jolevski - Australia, Goce Jonoski - Macedonia, Louie Jonovski - Australia, Stojche Jonovski - Macedonia, Trajan Jonovski - Macedonia, Boban Jordanoski - Germany, Zvonko Jordanov - Australia, Igor Jordanovski - Canada, Elizabeta Joseska - Australia, Tony Joseski, John Josevski - Australia, Milan Josevski - Australia, Gabriela Josifoska, Jovan Josifoski - Macedonia, Ana Joskovska - Macedonia, Emil Joskovski - Macedonia, Aleksandar Jovanoski - Macedonia, Ile Jovanov - Macedonia, Vesna Jovanova-Simeva - Macedonia, Stefana Jovanovska - Canada, Verka Jovanovska - Australia, Andrej Jovanovski - Macedonia, Anthony Jovanovski - Australia, Christopher Jovanovski - Australia, Dejan Jovanovski - Macedonia, Dragi Jovanovski, Helen Jovanovski - Australia, Mite Jovanovski, Saso Jovanovski - Macedonia, Saso Jovanovski - Sweden, Stojce Jovanovski - Macedonia, Tomislav Jovanovski - Macedonia, Trajan Jovanovski - Australia, Trajche Jovanovski - Macedonia, Sonia Jovceski - Australia, Lazo Jovcheski - Macedonia, Jovica Joveski - Australia, Kire Joveski - Australia, Sneza Joveski - Australia, Sasko Kabranov - Macedonia, Tode Kabrovski - Australia, Nenad Kaevik - Macedonia, Vesna Kajmakoska - Australia, Ilija Kajmakoski - Australia, Jonce Kajmakoski - Australia, Nikola Kajmakoski - Australia, Stojanka Kajmakoski - Australia, Kostadin Kaloshev - Macedonia, Toni Kamov, Done Kamovski - Macedonia, Arjen Kamsteeg - Netherlands, Andrea Sara Kanatlarovska - Australia, Elizabeta Kanatlarovska - Australia, Marija Kanatlarovska - Australia, Vladimir Kanevcev - Macedonia, Cherena Kantaroski - Australia, Daniela Kantaroski - Australia, Ryley Kantaroski - Australia, Wayne Kantaroski - Australia, Christopher Kapetanov - Australia, Ljupco Karafiloski - Sweden, Risto Karafilov, Petar Karagjuleski - Macedonia, Despina Karamacoska - Macedonia, Diana Karamacoska - Australia, Emilia Karamacoska - Australia, Irena Karamacoska - Australia, Radmila Karamacoska - Australia, Gorgi Karamacoski - Macedonia, Ile Karamacoski - Australia, Krste Karamacoski - Macedonia, Branko Karapancev - Canada, Goran Kasnioski - Australia, Nicolas Katsouris - USA, Peter Kiossev - Australia, Darba Kirkovska, Kalica Kirkovska, Stavre Kirkovski, Daniel Kitanovski - Macedonia, Filip Kletnikov - Macedonia, Lukasz Klimczak - Poland, Naum Klimoski, Snezana Klimovska - Australia, Stefanos Kilncharo - Canada, Giorgi Klivanovski - Canada, Svetlana Koceva - Netherlands, Dragisa Kocevski - Macedonia, Ljiljana Kocoska-Maras - Sweden, Oliver Kocoski, Elly Koleska - Australia, Goran Koleski - Australia, Kristian Koleski - Australia, Marjan Koleski - Australia, Krste Komarovski - Sweden, Jasmina Kosenkova - Canada, Aleksandar Koseski, Ljupcho Koshchicovski - Macedonia, Emanuel Kostadinov - Uruguay, Riste Kostadinov - Canada, Alaksandra Kostadinovska - Canada, Vera Kostadinovska - Australia, Dady Kostadinovski - Macedonia, Dragi Kostadinovski - Canada, Vasko Kosteski - Macedonia, Jovanka Kostovska - Macedonia, Aleksandar Kostovski - Macedonia, Kirco Kostovski - Australia, Marko Kostovski - Macedonia, Milessa Koteski - Australia, Nicole Koteski - Australia, Caitlin Kotevski - Australia, Jordan Kotevski - Australia, Kris Kotevski - Australia, Luba Kotevski - Australia, Patricia Kotevski - Australia, Patrick Kotevski - Denmark, Philip Kotevski - Denmark, Saso Kotevski - Denmark, Simeon Kotevski - Australia, Sonja Kotevski - Denmark, Vasil Kotevski - Australia, Magdalena Kotlareska - USA, Anet Kovac - USA, Milica Kovac - USA, Mete Kovacevski - Macedonia, Vanco Kovacevski - Macedonia, Zlatko Kovach - USA, Gorgi Kovachev - Macedonia, Ljubomir Kozhinkov - Macedonia, Ristana Krakovska, Goga Krakovski, Suzanna Kralevski, Milica Kromicevska - Macedonia, Gorgi Kromicevski - Macedonia, Bozana Krsteska - Australia, Kire Krstev - Macedonia, Damjan Krstov - Netherlands, Filip Krstov - Netherlands, Gabriela Krstov - Netherlands, Stojanco Krstov - Netherlands, Svetlana Krstov - Netherlands, Borche Kukunoski - Macedonia, Andrea Kulakov, Biljana Kunovska - Macedonia, Zlatko Kunovski - Macedonia, Petre Kurtovski - Australia, Damjan Kuzmanoski, Darko Kuzmanov - Macedonia, Niki Lacatus - Canada, Zoran Lavci, Sarah Lawrence - USA, Blagoja Lazareski - Macedonia, Igor Lazarevski - Qatar, Tome Lazarov - Macedonia, Vladimir Lazarov - Germany, Niki Lazarova - Canada, Aleksandar Lazarovski, Saso Lazov - Macedonia, Slavka Lazoska - Macedonia, Ivo Leban - Slovenia, Ljupka Lefkova - USA, Viktor Litovski - Macedonia, Oscar Lopez Martinez - Spain, Maja Love - Macedonia, Tom Loz, Vasil Lozankoski - Macedonia, Vanco Lozanov - Macedonia, Dianne Lozenkovski - Australia, Fote Lozenkovski - Australia, Dragica Lukaroska - Macedonia, Vesna Lukaroska - Canada, Aco Lukaroski - Canada, Barney Lukaroski - Canada, Branislav Lukaroski - Macedonia, Pece Lumakovski - Australia, Vladimir Madik - USA, Katarina Madjarovska - Macedonia, Sloboda Madjarovska - Macedonia, Goce Makedonski - Macedonia, Homer MakeDonski - Macedonia, Petar Makedonski, Jove Malakovski - Australia, Fote Maljanovski - Macedonia, Marjan Manailov - Macedonia, Marina Mandzukovska - Macedonia, Aleksandar Manev - Macedonia, Boro Manev - USA, Goran Manev - Macedonia, Mirce Manev, Dragi Manevski - Canada, Milan Manevski - Germany, Sasho Manevski - Macedonia, Vase Manevski - Australia, Matt Margaritis - Australia, Kostadin Markoski - Macedonia, Zoran Markoski - Macedonia, Aljosha Markov, Ilija Markov - Macedonia, John Markov - Canada, Mihael Markov - Canada, Stojanka Markova - Macedonia, Elena Markovska - Australia, Goce Markovski - Australia, Jole Markovski - Australia, Orce Markovski - Australia, Petar Markovski - Australia, Petar Markovski - Macedonia, Tode Markovski, Toni Markovski - Macedonia, Dejan Marolov - Macedonia, Ilco Marolov - Macedonia, Anita Masalkoska - Australia, Lidija Masalkoska - Australia, Mitra Masalkoska - Australia, Goce Masalkoski - Australia, Jovan Masalkoski - Australia, Nikolce Masalkoski - Australia, Zoran Masalkoski - Australia, Blagoja Maslarov - Australia, Ponni Mathivanan - Singapore, Veselin Matov - Canada, Daniel Matrakoski - Macedonia, Marija Matulovic - Croatia, Mitko Mavrov - United Kingdom, Charles McAfee - Canada, Evel Meckarov - Czech Republic, Tanja Medarska - Macedonia, Vladimir Medarski - Macedonia, Evridika Melovska Stefanovska - Macedonia, Ilija Menkinoski - Australia, Antica Menoska - Macedonia, Stevo Menoski - Macedonia, Stojmir Menoski - Macedonia, Gojko Miceski - USA, Slobodan Miceski - Australia, Bobi Micevski - Macedonia, Borce Micevski - Sweden, Dusanka Micevski - Macedonia, Toni Micevski - Macedonia, Slobodan Mickovski - Scotland, Ivan Mihajlovic - Macedonia, Dragan Mihajlovik - Macedonia, Stefka Mihajlovska - Macedonia, Antonio Mihajlovski - Macedonia, Mihajlo Mihajlovski - Macedonia, Hriste Milcinoski - Macedonia, Goran Milenkovski - Macedonia, Zoran Milenkovski - Macedonia, Koce Milev - Macedonia, Petar Milev - Macedonia, Marijana Mileva - Macedonia, Ile Milevski - Macedonia, Dita Milich - Canada, Vasil Milich - Canada, Deana Milosev - Australia, Milan Milosev - Australia, Aleksandar Miloshoski - Macedonia, Kristijan Mirceski - USA, Mary Mircevski - Australia, Zoran Mishevski - Macedonia, Biljana Mitevska - Macedonia, Zora Mitevska - Macedonia, Elisej Mitevski - Macedonia, Jovica Mitevski, Kiro Mitevski - Macedonia, Viktor Mitevski - Macedonia, Caitlyn Mitkovski - Australia, Jake Mitkovski - Australia, Kosta Mitkovski - Australia, Svetlana Mitkovski - Australia, Vasa Mitkovski - Australia, Zlatko Mitkovski - Australia, Biljana Mitreska - Australia, Emilija Mitreska - USA, Kate Mitreska - Australia, Slavica Mitreska - Australia, Vesna Mitreska - Australia, Aleksandar Mitreski - Australia, Filip Mitreski - USA, Krste Mitreski - Australia, Nikola Mitreski - USA, Oliver Mitreski - Australia, Vanco Mitreski - Australia, Igor Mitrevski, Jasmine Mladenovska - Netherlands, Aleksandar Mojanchevski - Macedonia, Milco Mojsovski - Macedonia, Tomo Mojsovski - Macedonia, Janos Molnar - Hungary, Ana Momchilo Lazarevska - Macedonia, Aleksandar Momiroski - Macedonia, William Morra - Canada, Lila Murtaska, Mirjana Nacevska - Macedonia, Goce Najdovski - Macedonia, Rose Marie Najdovski - USA, Antonio Nasevski - Macedonia, Emmeline Nastevski, Jeremy Nastevski, Justine Nastevski, Natasa Nastova Panova - Macedonia, Aleksandra Nastovska - Macedonia, Filip Nastovski - Macedonia, Ljupka Naumoska - Macedonia, Vera Naumovska - Australia, Vesna Naumovska - Australia, Gorjana Naumovska Milosevski - Australia, Zoran Mitev - Macedonia, Igor Nalevski - Australia, Lambe Naumoski - Australia, Mirko Naumoski - Australia, Kristo Nechevski - Denmark, Zoran Nechovski - Taiwan, Vladimir Neckoski - Macedonia, Katerina Necovska - Canada, Zoja Necovska - Canada, Magda Necovska-Markova - Canada, Branko Necovski - Canada, Mile Necovski - USA, Gjore Nedev - Macedonia, Tome Nedevski - Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Dusan Nesevski - Australia, George Nicholov, Eleanor Nicholov, Sanja Nikodinoska, Marija Nikolik - Macedonia, Bobi Nikoloski - Macedonia, Gjorgji Nikoloski - Macedonia, Goran Nikoloski - Macedonia, Mitko Nikoloski - Macedonia, Gjorgi Nikolov - USA, Goce Nikolov - Macedonia, Mladen Nikolov, Tatiana Nikolova - Australia, Aleksandar Nikolovski - Macedonia, Antoinette Nikolovski - Australia, Blaga Nikolovski - Australia, Borche Nikolovski - Macedonia, Chris Nikolovski - USA, Martin Nikolovski - Macedonia, Miroslav Nikolovski - Macedonia, Nikola Nikolovski - Australia, Nikola Nikolovski - Macedonia, Pece Nikolovski, Tom Nikolovski - Australia, Athena Nitchov - USA, Lena Nitchov - USA, Sotir Nitchov - USA, Steve Nitchov - USA, Chloe Novacevski - Australia, Goce Novacevski - Australia, Jake Novacevski - Australia, Lupco Novacevski - Australia, Nikola Novacevski - Australia, Zoran Novacevski - Australia, Branislav Noveski - Macedonia, Tomislav Novevski - Macedonia, Christina Ognenov - Canada, Lazo Ognenov - Canada, Martin Ollaanko - Macedonia, Ljupco Osavkov - Macedonia, Ninoslav Pachoski - Macedonia, Darko Pacoski, Sam Pandevski - Australia, Sandra Panzova - Canada, Jorgos Papadakis - Greece, Kiril Papaz, Boris Papuckoski - USA, Trajko Papuckoski - USA, Daniel Blagoja Parmenion - Australia, Sam Parton - Australia, Grigor Paskalov - Macedonia, Byron Paterson - Australia, Dejan Patrikliev - Macedonia, Bryan Paumier - USA, Konstantin Paunov - Austria, Aleksandar Pavleski, Goce Pavleski, Igor Pavlickovski - Macedonia, Silvana Pavlovska - Australia, Sandra Pavlovski - Columbia, Violeta Pecanac (Grozdanova) - Australia, Bill Pelikovski, Donco Pelikovski, Gregory Pelikovski, Jovan Pelikovski, Ken Pelikovski, Evgenija Percakovski - New Zealand, Natasha Percakovski - New Zealand, Petar Percakovski - New Zealand, Toni Percakovski - New Zealand, Boshtjan Perovshek - Slovenia, Milco Peslikoski - Macedonia, Tamas Peter - Hungary, Spase Petkoski - Macedonia, Goran Petkovski - Macedonia, Nikola Petkovski, Obrad Petkovski - Macedonia, Pavle Petkovski, Trajko Petkovski - Australia, Branko Petreski - Macedonia, Slobodan Petreski - Canada, Elvis Petrov - Australia, Tony Petrov - Sweden, Vladimir Petrovic - Macedonia, Gordana Petrovska - Macedonia, Bojan Petrovski - Macedonia, Igor Petrovski - Macedonia, Jovan Petrovski - Macedonia, Kole Petrovski - Canada, Ljupco Petrovski - Macedonia, Mendo Petrovski - Canada, Silvana Petrovski - Australia, Steve Petrovski - Australia, Stanko Petrusev - Australia, Goran Petrusevski - Macedonia, Igor Petrushevski - Macedonia, James Phillips - USA, Venko Pipidzanoski - Macedonia, Maryann Pismarov, Andrew Pitman - Australia, Cristina Plaza Garcia - Spain, Andy Plukov - Canada, Ivan Plukovski - Macedonia, Harry Poeltl - Australia, Eddy Poh - Australia, Magdalena Pop-Trajkova Lazarevska - Macedonia, Nikola Popadinovski - Macedonia, Britney Poposki - Australia, Gabby Poposki - Australia, Isabella Poposki - Australia, Mateja Poposki - Canada, Miki Poposki - Australia, Blaze Popov, Risto Popov - Australia, Vase Popov - Sweden, Vladimir Popov - Australia, Makedonka Popova - Switzerland, Silvana Popova - Switzerland, Dan Popovich - Canada, Anita Popovska - Macedonia, Ilija Popovski - Macedonia, Marjan Popovski - Macedonia, Zivko Popovski - Macedonia, Bojan Postolov - Macedonia, Goce Potirov - Macedonia, Anastasia Power - Australia, Pece Prculovski - USA, Chris M. Purdef - USA, Milena Rajkovcevska - United Kingdom, Ljiljana Rakocevic - Canada, Arber Ramadani - Albania, Carol Rapos - Canada, Gorgija Ristevski - Macedonia, Chris Rapos - Canada, Marija Raspaskovska, Boris Revin, Laze Rickovski - Australia, Maria Rimbas - Australia, Biljana Risteska - Macedonia, Luba Risteska, Guve Risteski, Mile Risteski, Vlatko Risteski - Macedonia, Hristijan Ristevski - Macedonia, Lazo Ristevski - Macedonia, Olivera Ristevski - Australia, Sime Ristevski - Australia, Steven Ristevski - Australia, Zarko Ristevski, Mendo Ristofski, Bogoja Ristoski - USA, Milisav Ristoski - Macedonia, Zoran Ristoski - Australia, Zan Ristov - Australia, Ivona Ristovska - USA, Bojan Ristovski, Nikola Ristovski - Macedonia, Toni Ristovski - Macedonia, Trajce Ristovski - USA, Sashe Rizovski - Australia, Diane Robev, Eddie Rodriguez - USA, Petre Runchev - Macedonia, Ivan Sahinov - Macedonia, Katerina Sahinova - Macedonia, Ruzica Samokovlija Baruh - Israel, Andriana Sapkaroska - Australia, Aleksandar Sapkarov - Macedonia, Jordan Sapkarov - Macedonia, Daniela Sapkarova - Macedonia, George Saragil - Canada, Belinda Saravinovska, Marija Saravinovska, Bobby Saravinovski, George Saravinovski, Peter Sarbinoff - Australia, Tania Sarkovski - Canada, Bojan Saveski - Macedonia, Charlene Savoski - Canada, Dushan Savoski - Canada, John Savoski - Canada, Lena Savoski, Katerina Sazdova - Macedonia, Vasko Sazdovski - Macedonia, Hermann Miroljub Seidenberg - Germany, Dimitri Sekuloski - Australia, Viktorija Serafimova - Macedonia, Mile Serafimovski - Canada, Kiro Seremetkoski - Canada, Mario Sharevski - Macedonia, Aleksandar Shavreski - Macedonia, Peter Shomev, Angel Shopoff - Canada, Helen Shopoff - Canada, Dore Shopov, Igor Shterbinski - Macedonia, Emma Sibila - Australia, Blagica Sidiroska, Julie Sidiroska, Maria Sidiroska, Stefan Sidiroski, Lupco Sidoroski, Anita Sidorovska - Australia, Dijana Sidorovska - Australia, Jovanka Sidorovska - Australia, Slave Sidorovski - Australia, Vangel Simev - Macedonia, Jordan Simjanoski - Macedonia, Edvard Simonovski - Macedonia, Goran Simonovski - England, Ivan Simonovski - Macedonia, Lazo Simonovski - Australia, Gorancho Slavevski - Macedonia, Lenka Smilkovska - Czech Republic, Aleksandra Sofronieska - Macedonia, Christine Soklev - Australia, Danielle Soklev - Australia, Helen Soklev - Australia, Michael Soklev - Australia, Natasha Soklev - Australia, Nathan Soklev - Australia, Nicholas Soklev - Australia, Paul Soklev - Australia, Peter Soklev - Australia, Blagoja Solevski - Australia, Violeta Sontevska-Tasevska - Macedonia, Angel Sopov - Macedonia, Goce Sopov - Macedonia, Ivan Sopov - Macedonia, Jagoda Sopova - Macedonia, Goran Sotirov - Macedonia, Vasko Spandzov - Macedonia, Darko Spasov - Macedonia, Gjorgi Spasov - Macedonia, Stefan Spasovski, Nick Spiroff - Canada, Vladimir Spiroff - Canada, Roska Srbinovska - Macedonia, Liljana Stamatovska - Macedonia, Igor Stamatovski - Macedonia, Vlatko Stamenkovski - Macedonia, Jimmy Staninovski - Australia, Ratka Staninovski - Australia, Mano Stanisheff, Ivan Stankov - Macedonia, Ljupco Stankovski - Australia, Bill Stavreski - Australia, Alex Stavro - Canada, Ratka Stefanovska - Macedonia, Rose Stefanovska - Macedonia, Aleksandar Stefanovski, Dimitrija Stefanovski - Macedonia, Igor Stefanovski - Macedonia, Ljupco Stefanovski - Macedonia, Martin Stefanovski, Jimmy Stephan - Australia, Basil Stephanoff - USA, John Stervoski - Canada, Biljana Stevanovska, Peter Stevens - Australia, Jordan Stoev - Macedonia, Tony Stoikovski - USA, Slobodan Stoilkovski - Macedonia, Goran Stojakovik - Norway, Ruza Stojanoska - Canada, Cane Stojanoski - Canada, Igor Stojanoski - Macedonia, Kiro Stojanoski - Australia, Miki Stojanoski - Australia, Georgi Stojanov, Georgi A. Stojanov, Mirjana Stojanova Mitreska - Macedonia, Jagotka Stojanovska - Macedonia, Petranka Stojanovska - Macedonia, Srebra Stojanovska - Australia, Tanja Stojanovska, Ace Stojanovski - Australia, Blagojce Stojanovski, Borce Stojanovski - Macedonia, Dimce Stojanovski, Pece Stojanovski - Australia, Sasho Stojanovski, Sonja Stojanovski - Australia, Stefo Stojanovski - Australia, Toni Stojanovski - Australia, Vladimir Stojanovski - Macedonia, Novica Stojcevski - Canada, Sase Stojcevski - Australia, Spase Stojcevski - Australia, Dejan Stojkovski, Dragi Stojkovski - Canada, Filip Stojkoski - Australia, Peco Stojkoski - Australia, Rade Stojkoski - Australia, Zaneta Stojkoski - Australia, Florinka Stojkovski - Australia, Misko Stojkovski - Macedonia, Todor Stojkovski - Australia, Nikola Stojmenov - Macedonia, Goce Stojmirov - Macedonia, Milan Stokikj - Macedonia, Atanas Strezovski, Petar Sulkowski - Germany, Violeta Sulkowski - Germany, Frank Suteski, Vera Svrgovska - USA, Blagoje Svrgovski - USA, Aleksandar Taleski, Elica Talevska - Australia, Jovanka Talevska - Australia, Kata Talevska - Australia, Zana Talevska - Australia, Bobi Talevski - Netherlands, Cane Talevski - Macedonia, Goran Talevski - Australia, Mara Talevski - Australia, Mare Talevski - Australia, Miha Talevski - Australia, Nikola Talevski - Macedonia, Tanija Talevski - Australia, Tome Talevski - Australia, Tony Talevski - Australia, Vasko Talevski - Macedonia, Vlade Talevski - Macedonia, Zoran Talevski - Australia, Goce Talimdzioski - Australia, Zan Talimdzioski - Australia, Ana Tanaskoska - Macedonia, Ema Tanaskoska - Macedonia, Nada Tanaskoska - Macedonia, Naumka Tanaskoska - Macedonia, David Tanchevski - Australia, Saso Tanevski - Australia, Milica Tankoska - Australia, Vera Tankoska - Australia, Goce Tankoski - Australia, Kliment Tankoski - Australia, Igor Tanturovski - Macedonia, Gjorgji Taseski - Macedonia, Vladimir Tasev - Macedonia, Aleksandar Tasevski - Macedonia, George Tasevski - Australia, Vera Tasevski - Australia, Simon Tasievski - Australia, Peco Temelkoski - Australia, Bobby Temelkov - Canada, Aristotel Tentov - Macedonia, Chris Terpos - Australia, Gorgi Terziev - Macedonia, Anastasia Terzioska, Mirjana Terzioska, Bobi Terzioski, Snezana Tileva - Switzerland, Gjorgji Todoroski - Macedonia, Goran Todoroski - Germany, Jane Todoroski - Macedonia, Nikola Todorov - USA, Biljana Todorova - Macedonia, Antonijo Todorovik - Spain, Nikolina Todorovska - Australia, Vesna Todorovska - Australia, Georgi Todorovski - Canada, Miroslav Todorovski - Macedonia, Jonce Tolovski - Canada, Dragan Topcievski - Macedonia, Suzana Topuzoski - Macedonia, Pece Tosevski - Australia, Zaklina Tosevski - Australia, Nikola Traikoski - Belgium, Vanco Trajanoski - Macedonia, Ljupka Trajanovska - Macedonia, Dimce Trajanovski - Macedonia, Mirjana Trajcevska - Sweden, Jackie Trajcevski - Australia, Louie Trajcevski - Australia, Suzie Trajcevski - Australia, Ivana Trajcova - Macedonia, Nadica Trajcova - Macedonia, Miroslav Trajkoski - Australia, Saso Trajkoski - Macedonia, Stevan Trajkoski - Macedonia, Goran Trajkov - Italia, Vasil Trajkov - Macedonia, Maja Trajkovska - United Kingdom, Viktorija Trajkovska - Sweden, Borce Trajkovski - Macedonia, Dejan Trajkovski - Sweden, Kiril Trajkovski - Sweden, Mile Trajkovski - Macedonia, Mirko Trajkovski - Switzerland, Samuel Trajkovski - Sweden, Antony Travia - Australia, Milena Trenceska - France, Anton Trendovski - Canada, Pero Trifunovski - Australia, Lazo Tripkov - Macedonia, Harila Trpcevski - Macedonia, Jane Trpinov - Sweden, Valentina Tsenis - Canada, Bozana Tuftevska - Macedonia, Blagica Tuntevski - USA, John Tuntevski - USA, Michael Tuntevski - USA, Milan Tuntevski - USA, Ljubisha Ugrenovikj - Macedonia, Gordana Uskokowa - Macedonia, Con Vanchef - Australia, Tom Vangelovski - Australia, Stojanka Varga - New Zealand, Velimir Varga - New Zealand, Dimitar Vasilev - Macedonia, Danilco Vasilevski - Macedonia, Josiv Vasilevski - Australia, Mendo Vasilevski - Australia, Meri Vasilevski - Australia, Miso Vasilevski - Macedonia, Natasa Vasilevski - Australia, Vladimir Vasilevski - Macedonia, Mirjana Veleva - Macedonia, Cena Velevska - Australia, Tony Veljancevski - Australia, Magdalena Veljanovska - Australia, Aleksandar Veljanovski - Australia, Mihajlo Veljanovski - Australia, Nick Veljanovski - Australia, Tome Velkov - Switzerland, Olivera Velkova - Macedonia, Marija Velkovska - Macedonia, Velika Velkovska - Australia, Goce Velkovski - Macedonia, Kiro Velkovski - Macedonia, Peco Velkovski - Australia, Stefan Velkovski - Macedonia, Vasil Velkovski - Australia, Zoran Velkovski - Australia, Zvonko Velkovski - Macedonia, Goce Velovski - Australia, Ljupco Velovski - Sweden, Zoran Velovski - Macedonia, Sasho Veselinov - Macedonia, Mirce Vladimirov - Macedonia, Bojana Vrzovska - Macedonia, Elizabeta Vrzovska - Macedonia, Martin Vrzovski - Macedonia, Pece Vrzovski - Macedonia, Marjan Vujik - USA, Graham Witt - Australia, James Zaekis - Australia, Kosta Zafirovski - Australia, Vancho Zafirovski - Macedonia, Valentin Zahariev - Bulgaria, Valentin Zahariev - Macedonia, Olga Zaharieva - Macedonia, Kiril Zaprov - Macedonia, Lujza Zdraveska - Canada, Vanja Zecevic - Australia, Kole Zhouzheloff - Canada, Nicholas Zhouzheloff - Canada, Toni Zikovski - Macedonia, Nikola Zlatanov - Macedonia, Sasho Zlatev - Macedonia, Tose Zlatev, Menka Zmejkoska - Macedonia, Sandre Zmejkoski - Macedonia, Peter Zrinski - Sweden