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Third Meeting of Child Refugees from Aegean Macedonia to be Held in Lerin

The third meeting of children - refugees from Aegean Macedonia will take place on August 20-24 in Lerin, executive secretary of the meeting Organization Board Gorgi Donevski said Monday at a press conference. "Conditions for organization of this meeting are created as Greek authorities have decided to simplify procedure for acquiring Greek visas, starting from today," Donevski said.

The Greek Liaison Office in Skopje will issue a 20-day visa to all of those who wish to travel to Greece from August 10 to October 30. The visas will be issued by shortened procedure, on the same day of submission of the visa requirement forms.

Former children-refugees, today persons - over 60-years of age, in whose passports Greece is listed as the country of birth, will be granted visas free of charge. The visa requirement forms may be submitted to the Greek Liaison Office every day from 11:00 to 13:00 hour. "Visa will be granted only to those who have new passports, in which only Greece stands for the birth place, written neither in Macedonia nor in Greek," Donevski said.

An agreement was also reached with the Ministry of Internal affairs for speeding up the procedure for issuing new passports, he added.

A dream of those people to visit the places of their birth would become reality, Donevski said, adding that the meeting would also open possibilities for regular visits and resolution of other problems.

"The fact that Greek authorities are setting condition to our relatives to change the name of their birthplace and use today's official name of Greece in their passports is unacceptable, as toponyms, as well as languages, are part of the cultural heritage of nations," said Parisi Atansious - Nace, chairman of the European Bureau for lesser used languages. The third meeting has been prepared for five years. The former two meetings were held in 1988 and 98 in Skopje.