Macedonian Human Rights Movement International

Greek Discrimination Against Ethnic Macedonians


1. Graffiti near Anastassios Boulis' house - Translation "Death to Anastassios Bulev"
2. More anti-Macedonian graffiti - Translation from Greek "Hang the Skopje Gypsies"

The following four pictures are from Sveti Atanas Church in Zhelevo, Aegean Macedonia. The original Macedonian inscriptions were wiped out and replaced with Greek writing.

3. Entrance to church
4. Close up of first picture where the Macedonian writing is still visible
5. Another example of Macedonian writing that was wiped out
6. Inside the church - icons were erased

The following four pictures illustrate the Greek government's policy of trying to eradicate anything Macedonian. The 300 year old cemetary at St. George's church in the village of Gorno Pozharsko (Greek name - Ano Loutraki) was destroyed in May, 1998. The old Macedonian church has been left in ruins while a new Greek church was built on the site of the old cemetary. (Pictures courtesy of Father Nikodim Tsarknias)

7. The old Macedonian church in Gorno Pozharsko
8. Desecration of Macedonian graves at St. George's church
9. Another picture of the grave desecration
10. The new Greek church built on the same site