Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Invitation for the Third Macedonian World Human Rights Conference
For more information please see the Conference Invitation and Registration Form In order to coordinate the activities of all Macedonian human rights organizations and activists, the Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada and the United Macedonians Organization of Canada, as defenders of the human rights of ethnic Macedonians living in ...
Message from Lerin: Repeal the 1982 Law on Political Refugees
Two days ago in Lerin, with the participation of some 600 Macedonians from the Aegean part of Macedonia (200 of whom were former child-refugees from Greece), the third gathering of the political refugees began. This was the first time the gathering was organized in Greece thanks to a new policy of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Questions Posed to Greek Ministers by Racist Greek Deputy
So-called "Macedonian Press Agency" MHRMC Note: The so-called "Macedonian Press Agency" is actually a Greek fanatical news agency inappropriately named to spread propaganda that "Macedonia is Greek". Every statement made by the Greek deputy, including the unfounded claim of 200,000 Greeks in the Republic of Macedonia, is aimed at deflecting ...
Greek Foreign Ministry's Nervous Reaction of Macedonian Refugees' Meeting in Lerin/Florina
News item courtesy of the Greek Helsinki Monitor Kathimerini - Greece's International English Language Newspaper Discord brewing in Florina Greece yesterday protested to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonias diplomatic mission in Athens over the planned participation of FYROMs deputy Parliament speaker in a potentially controversial meeting in northern Greece.
The Plight of the Macedonian Refugee Children (Detsa Begaltsi)
Macedonia: What Went Wrong in the Last 200 Years Part VIII - The Plight of the Macedonian Refugee Children by Risto Stefov In the previous article (part VII) I covered World War II, the Greek Civil War and their effects on the Macedonian people. In this article (part VIII) I will cover the evacuation of the Macedonian children and the consequences of the Greek Civil War.
Unmasking of Greece's Policy of Racism and Discrimination Against Macedonians
Source: Rainbow/Vinozhito A statement issued by the Foreign Ministry of Greece concerning the question of Macedonian political refugees notes inter alia that: "…as we have previously announced, yesterday marked the start of the implementation of the humanitarian measure of issuing permits to visit Greece to political refugees in FYROM, and everything is proceeding smoothly and without a hitch.
Macedonian Political Refugees Once Again Denied Democratic Rights by Greek Authorities
Greek Helsinki Monitor & Minority Rights Group - Greece Topic: Macedonian Political Refugees Once Again Denied Democratic Rights by Greek Authorities Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) and Minority Rights Group-Greece (MRG-G) denounce today's refusal by Greek authorities to dozens of ethnic Macedonian political refugees and relatives to enter ...
MHRMC Condemns Greece's Blacklisting of Ethnic Macedonians as Yet Another Canadian-Macedonian is Denied Entry into Greece
The Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada (MHRMC) condemns Greece's continued blacklisting of ethnic Macedonian human rights activists and political refugees. Yet another Canadian citizen of ethnic Macedonian descent was denied entry into Greece, as the Greek government continues to backtrack on their recent pledge that Macedonian political refugees would ...
Third Meeting of Child Refugees from Aegean Macedonia to be Held in Lerin
The third meeting of children - refugees from Aegean Macedonia will take place on August 20-24 in Lerin, executive secretary of the meeting Organization Board Gorgi Donevski said Monday at a press conference. "Conditions for organization of this meeting are created as Greek authorities have decided to simplify procedure for acquiring Greek visas, starting from today," Donevski said.
Symbolic Reception at the Macedonian/Greek Border to be Held August 10, 2003
Source: Rainbow/Vinozhito Regarding the question of exceptions *(N 1266/1982) relating to the repatriation of the Macedonian political refugees from the Greek Civil War (1946 - 1949), many of whom, as small children, were forced to abandon their homes and many of which after the end of the ...