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Questions Posed to Greek Ministers by Racist Greek Deputy

So-called "Macedonian Press Agency"

MHRMC Note: The so-called "Macedonian Press Agency" is actually a Greek fanatical news agency inappropriately named to spread propaganda that "Macedonia is Greek".
Every statement made by the Greek deputy, including the unfounded claim of 200,000 Greeks in the Republic of Macedonia, is aimed at deflecting focus on Greece's non-recognition and persecution of its large Macedonian minority. Greece is the only country in Europe that denies the existence of any ethnic minorities on its territory.

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Right-wing main opposition party of New Democracy Parliament deputy Evgenios Haitidis prepared a question directed to the Ministers of Interior, Public Order and Education on the occasion of press reports according to which, in the period of August 20-24 a so-called "3rd world meeting of refugees from the Aegean Macedonia” will take place in prefectures in the northwestern part of Macedonia, northern Greece.

"They are contemptible separatists, who appear to act undisturbed not only outside Greece but inside Greece as well, under the tolerance or even the assistance of government members”, points out Mr. Haitidis, adding that "their primary goal is the recognition of a "Macedonian Ethnic Minority in Greece”, while their ultimate goal is self-rule namely, the detachment of Greek territory”.

The New Democracy Parliament Deputy characterizes as unacceptable "the Greek government decision to allow individuals from FYROM to enter Greece for so-called, humanitarian reasons”. He stresses that the individuals in question "have been found guilty in regular courts of law of being enemy collaborators and criminals and are being characterized by strong anti-Greek activity abroad”.

It is also stressed that the provocation becomes even more intense due to the presence of an official FYROM delegation in the conference and because of the fact that those attending it will also attend a religious liturgy in Aridea held by the self-proclaimed bishop Tsarknias in an illegal church in spite of the fact that it was banned by the responsible authorities.

Mr. Haitidis asks the government ministers why the conference was allowed to take place on Greek territory; in what way individuals holding "Macedonia” passports will be stopped from entering Greece; and on what grounds a religious liturgy will be allowed to take place by a bishop of a non-existent Church.

Also, he asks the government why "it does not show any interest in the over 200.000 indigenous Greeks in FYROM who are persecuted if they dare to declare their origin”. He, finally, requests that the Greek-FYROM agreement on the conference in question be presented.