Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Important Decision on Language Rights and Non-Discrimination
From: MINELRES moderator Original sender: Fernand de Varennes Dear Colleagues, It seems most people interested in the rights of minorities are not aware of a UN Human Rights Committee decision of 6 December 2000 (Diergaardt v Namibia which is a step forward in the recognition of ...
New EBLUL Member State Committee Established in Greece
Please note that since this press release was issued, EBLUL has dropped the use of the "Slav-Macedonian" term and now refers to the Macedonian language and minority by its proper name, Macedonian. See the related press release here: Press Release Brussels - Last Saturday, the European ...
MHRMC 2001 Annual Report - The Macedonian Minority in Bulgaria
Focus: Freedom of expression and the media; freedom of association and peaceful assembly Introduction: The Bulgarian government has and continues to place unlawful restrictions on a number of fundamental rights of the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria. Whether it be through outright discrimination, the uneven application of laws which on their ...
"Sounds of Silence" - The Macedonian Minority in Greece in 2001
"Sounds of Silence" - The Macedonian Minority in Greece in 2001
Greece: Last in Civil Liberties in the Free World According to Freedom House
Press Release - Greek Helsinki Monitor Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) cites, once again, that Greece has been rated last in civil liberties among "free countries" in the just published Freedom House annual report, Freedom in the World 2002: The Democratic Deficit (available at:
The Case of Non-Registration of the Home of Macedonian Civilization
The following is a description of the Greek authorities' refusal to register the Home of Macedonian Civilization, even though the Home won their European Court case against the Greek state in 1998 for this very reason. For more information about the European Court case victory, please visit:
Minority Language Activist Bletsas Found NOT Guilty in Historic Court Decision
by Johan Haggman "I'm of course very happy and relieved" Aroumanian language activist Sotiris Bletsas told Eurolang after the verdict. Domenico Morelli, representing the European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages in the Bletsas case, says that this is a great victory for minority languages in Greece.
Appeal for Minority Rights in Greece
We call upon Greece to ratify, without any declaration or reservation, the Council of Europe's Framework Convention on National Minorities (FCNM), and to recognize the presence on its territory of minorities, according to the prevailing international standards, as specified inter alia in General Comment by the UN Human Rights Committee ...
A Delegation from the EFA and EP visits Northern Greece
News Item Courtesy of the Rainbow Party On Monday, November 20th, 2001, a member of the European Parliament, Mr. Mayol, along with Dr. George Nakratzas (political advisor of the European Free Alliance (EFA) on minority issues in the Balkans) as well as representatives of RAINBOW - Vinozhito (the political party of the Macedonian minority in Greece) visited the mayor of the municipality of Edessa (Voden), Mr.
Macedonian Religious Service in Greece
"St. Zlata Meglenska" Church, located in the Sabotsko municipality in Meglen, Greece, has entered the history of the Macedonian minority in Aegean Macedonia. As Radio Deutsche Welle reports, a Macedonian language religious service was allowed to take place for the first time without any interference from Greek authorities.