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Vinozhito Press Release On Recent Statements by Greek President Kostis Stephanopoulos
Rainbow/Vinozhito - Press Release Greek President, Kostis Stephanopoulos, gave the following statement in his recent official meeting with the members of the Greek Community in Genk, Belgium: In regards to the relations with the neighboring states and in regards to the Republic of Macedonia, which he ...
MHRMC Condemns Statements by Greek President Kostis Stephanopoulos During Visit to Belgium
Press Release The Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada (MHRMC) condemns the statements made by the President of Greece, Kostis Stephanopoulos, regarding the Republic of Macedonia during his recent visit to Belgium. (see full story below) The President was quoted as saying that "FYROM (Macedonia) threatens Greece culturally and nationally ...
MHRMC Condemns Remarks by Secretary General of the Council of Europe About Recognition of the Republic of Macedonia
Background: Terry Davis, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, recently made some controversial comments during an interview by Utrinski Vesnik, a newspaper in the Republic of Macedonia. For the full text please see: See the MHRMC's response below.
MHRMC Response to Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) Article "Bulgaria's Warm Embrace"
Dear Sirs/Mesdames, We read with interest your recent story on Macedonia's relationship with Bulgaria ("Bulgaria's Warm Embrace”, 01/24/05). However, instead of finding a comprehensive analysis of the relationship between these two countries, this article simply espoused the decades-old propaganda that Macedonians are "originally Bulgarian”.
Turkish and Macedonian Associations Banned in Greece
Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) - Press Release - 19 January 2005 Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) and Minority Rights Group-Greece (MRG-G) condemn the reported unanimous ruling of Greece's Supreme Court confirming the dissolution of the "Turkish Union of Xanthi.” Recalling the prior dissolution of other Turkish associations ...
MHRMC Urges Canada to Immediately Recognize Macedonia
The Honourable Pierre Pettigrew, P.C., M.P. Minister of Foreign Affairs House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6 Dear Minister: We would like to commend your great enthusiasm in recently re-confirming Canada's long-standing foreign policy for the worldwide promotion and protection of human rights.
Radio France International: Report on Macedonians in Bulgaria
Another Europe (Reporter - Maria Bezanovska) Translated from French by Elena Veljkovic Reporter: Good day everyone. Observance of minorities' rights is one of the essential conditions for becoming a member of the European Union. We shall dedicate two programs to this problem in Bulgaria.
European Union Threatens to Sue Greece Over Minority Issues
In the middle of its campaign to halt the recognition of Macedonia's constitutional name, Greece was severely reprimanded by the European Union, which in the last couple of days threatened Athens with a lawsuit in the European Court of Justice if it continues to ignore appeals to right its discrimination against minorities.
MHRMC Letter to the Editor: "Alexander is Rolling in His Grave"
Oliver Stone missed a most salient point in ALEXANDER, namely that this great hero was in fact, Macedonian, and not Greek. In fact, the Greeks of the time were conquered by the ancient Macedonians and considered them to be crude "barbarians" (foreigners). Since that time, the Greeks have indulged in ...
OSCE Implementation Meeting - The Macedonian Minority in Albania, Report by MHRMC
Introduction The following interview with Edmond Temelko, president of the Macedonian organization "Prespa” in Albania, outlines the precarious position of the Macedonian minority in Albania. It appeared in the Macedonian weekly, "Makedonsko Sonce”, on June 15, 2001. "The plight of the Macedonians in Albania is already known.