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Eva Bidania (European Free Alliance Youth) Visits the Macedonian Minority in Greece
Macedonian Minority in Greece: FIGHTING AGAINST THE TIDE A report by Eva Bidania "Zdravo!! I have just returned from a visit to the Macedonian minority in Greece. I stayed in a pretty city called Florina/Lerin that is in a province in the north of the Greek state and where the majority of the population is Macedonian.
MHRMI 2006 Annual Report - The Macedonian Minority in Greece
Introduction Greece vigorously denies the existence of any ethnic minorities on its territory and attempts to suppress any voices that advocate human rights. Simply raising the issue of the Macedonian minority in Greece causes Greek citizens and politicians alike to react in outrage. The majority of Greek society supports its government's non-recognition and discrimination of its large Macedonian minority.
Greece: Human rights defenders' harassment in 2005 - The Observatory report
Greek Helsinki Monitor - Press Release Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) welcomes the release of the Annual Report 2005 of the world's most important human rights defenders NGO, the Observatory for the Protections of Human Rights Defenders, which makes references to several cases of harassment of human rights defenders in Greece, reproduces below.
Macedonian Minority Organization, OMO Ilinden, Wins Another European Court of Human Rights Case Against Bulgaria
Press release issued by the Registrar Source: Chamber judgments concerning Austria, Bulgaria and Cyprus The United Macedonian Organisation Ilinden and Others v. Bulgaria (no. 59491/00) Violation of Article 11 The applicants are the United Macedonian Organisation Ilinden ("Ilinden”) and nine members of its management committee.
Macedonian Minority Party to go to Court Over Greek Allegations
Florina - Lerin, by Georgios N. Papadakis EFA-Rainbow, the Macedonian minority party in Greece is planning to register a complaint in the Greek courts against a Greek diplomat and his superiors (Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs) for libel. In a press release issued yesterday, the party states that it can ...
Macedonian Minority Party, Rainbow/Vinozhito, Wins Landmark European Court of Human Rights Case Against Greece
Press release issued by the Registrar CHAMBER JUDGMENT OURANIO TOXO AND OTHERS v. GREECE The European Court of Human Rights has today notified in writing a judgment[1] in the case of Ouranio Toxo and Others v. Greece (application no.
Macedonian Minority Organizations, OMO Ilinden and OMO Ilinden PIRIN, Win Landmark European Court of Human Rights Cases Against Bulgaria
Press release issued by the Registrar Two Chamber judgments concerning Bulgaria The European Court of Human Rights has today notified in writing the following two Chamber judgments, neither of which is final[1]: United Macedonian Organisation Ilinden and Ivanov v. Bulgaria (application no 44079/98) United Macedonian Organisation Ilinden - PIRIN and Others v.
Article: Forgotten Discrimination in the European Union
By Mary Meeker & Steve Gligorov, Esq. As the European Union struggles to bring multicultural prosperity to the Balkan region of Europe, "the task is proving more elusive than ever," says American legal rights lawyer, Michael Rollins. One reason for the difficulty, says Rollins, is the E.U.
Amnesty International Report on Greece: Out of the Spotlight - The Rights of Foreigners and Minorities are Still a Grey Area
The following are excerpts. For the full text please visit: Introduction "Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth, ...
OSCE Implementation Meeting - The Macedonian Minority in Greece, Report by MHRMI
Table of Contents Introduction Newspaper Censors Article on Macedonian Minority and Language Macedonian TV Journalists Refused Accreditation to Film in Northern Greece Greek State Television Pressured to Air Previously Banned Program That Exposes Persecution Against Macedonian Minority International Press Institute World Press Freedom Review: Greece Radio Station Owner Arrested in ...