Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Human Rights Watch World Report - Greece "A number of human rights abuses continued to plague Greece during 1998, especially regarding the treatment of the Turkish and Macedonian minorities, as well as of migrants. There continued to be government-imposed restrictions on freedom of expression and freedom of worship.
MHRMC Welcomes the Acquittal of Trajanos Pasois
The Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada welcomes the acquittal of ethnic Macedonian human rights activist, Trajanos Pasois, who stood trial in Greece on November 18, 1998. Pasois was charged under Article 191 of the Greek Penal Code ("disseminating false information") on February 17, 1996 for bringing wall calendars into ...
Upcoming Trial of Macedonian Activist in Greece
The Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada calls on the international community to condemn the upcoming trial on Wednesday, November 18, 1998 of Trajanos Pasois, an ethnic Macedonian human rights activist living in Greece. On February 17, 1996, Trajanos Pasois crossed the border between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia at Niki (Negochani).
OSCE 1998 - Conference - Human Dimension Issues - Report by MHRMC
The Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada in cooperation with the Rainbow Party, Father Nikodim Tsarknias and OMO Ilinden recently attended the OSCE Conference in Warsaw, Poland. Following are statements made by the MHRMC regarding human rights abuses against ethnic Macedonians by Greece and Bulgaria.
OSCE 1998 - Conference - Human Dimension Issues - Report by Rainbow
Written Presentation of the speech of Mr. Voskopoulos Pavlos member of the Organization RAINBOW - (VINOZITO) Organization of the National Macedonian minority of Greece on 03.11.1998 Mr. Moderator, Ladies and Gentleman, I am not happy today because I will accuse my country, but I believe as citizen of Greece and as European citizen that this will be helpful for the further democratization of my country.
OSCE 1998 - Conference - Human Dimension Issues - Report by GHM
Introduction Greece formally recognizes only one "religious" minority, the "Muslims" of Thrace whose fundamental rights are formally guaranteed by the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne. (Ethno)national minorities of Turks and Macedonians are denied recognition. Minorities that are not officially recognized have often suffered restrictions to their freedom of expression and association.
Macedonian TV Crew Denied Visas
(GHM/IFEX) - Greek Helsinki Monitor was informed that a Macedonian Television (MTV) crew was refused entry visas by the Greek Liaison Office in Skopje. The crew intended to cover the trial of the Macedonian minority party Rainbow; on 15 September, Rainbow was on trial in Greece for the use of the Macedonian mother tongue.
Refusal to Grant Macedonian TV Crew Visas
Mr. George Papandreou Alternate Foreign Minister Athens, Greece The Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada find the actions of the Greek Liaison Office in Skopje to be unjustified and contradictory. Our organization is hereby protesting the refusal of visas to a Macedonian television crew that intended to cover the trial of the Macedonian minority party Rainbow.
Amnesty International Welcomes the Acquittal of Four Members of Ethnic Macedonian Minority Party
News Release - EUR Amnesty International welcomes the acquittal of four members of the ethnic Macedonian minority "Rainbow" Party at their trial in Florina, Greece, on 15 September 1998. The four men, Vasilis Romas, Costas Tasopoulos, Petros Vasiliadis and Pavlos Voskopoulos, were charged with "causing and inciting mutual hatred among ...
Ослободителни пресуди за лидерите на "Виножито"
Четворицата лидери на партијата на македонското национално малцинство во Грција "Виножито" на судскиот процес одржан вчера во Лерин, Грција се ослободени од обвиненето за делото од шести септември 1995 година, јавува Македонската Телевизија. ...