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Greece Scores Last on Freedom of the Press (World Press Freedom Day)
GHM PRESS RELEASE TOPIC: WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY (3 MAY). GREECE SCORES LAST ON FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. Greek Helsinki Monitor, on the occasion of tomorrow's World Press Freedom Day, points out that, among the countries with a long democratic tradition, Greece is regrettably the one with the least respect for the freedom of the press, as shown by the recent report of the international organization Freedom House.
Macedonian and Greek Minorities to Boycott the Census in Albania
Macedonian and Greek minority in Albania decided to boycott the population census that started on April 1 this year, reports Radio Deutsche Welle. According to the President of the Association of Macedonians in Albania - Edmond Temelkov, reason for this decision is the absence of the option "Macedonian" in the census lists.
US Helsinki Commission on Greece's Sober Human Rights Record
Congressional Record - United States of America Proceedings and Debates of the 107th Congress, First Session Vol. 147 Washington, Wednesday, March 21, 2001 No. 0 House - (Legislative day of Tuesday, March 20, 2001) Celebrating Greek Independance Day Hon.
Rainbow Party Becomes a Member of DPPE-EFA
Press Release On November 9th and 10th, 2000, a Rainbow Party delegation took part in the proceedings of the General Assembly of the Democratic Party of the Peoples of Europe - European Free Alliance (DPPE - EFA), which were held on the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels.
OSCE 2000 - Freedom of Movement - Presentation by the Home of Macedonian Culture
Written presentation by the representative of the Home of the Macedonian Culture Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentleman, Does freedom of movement mean that you have the right to visit your relatives or your friends around the world? Does freedom of movement mean freedom to visit the village or the city ...
OSCE Implementation Meeting - NGO's Condemn Greek Government's Defamatory Attempt to Demonize Macedonian Minority Activists
Press Release by: Greek Helsinki Monitor Home of Macedonian Culture Rainbow - Organization of the Macedonian Minority in Greece Minority Rights Group-Greece The Greece-based NGOs present in today's Session 11 of the OSCE Implementation Meeting in Warsaw, "Greek Helsinki Monitor," "Home of Macedonian Culture," "Rainbow - Organization of the Macedonian ...
OSCE 2000 - Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons - Presentation by the Rainbow Party
Presentation by the Rainbow Party Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentleman, Should a person claim that there are citizens in Europe at the beginning of the 21st century who do not possess the right to visit the graves of their parents or have the right to live and die in their place of birth, this would sound bizarre.
OSCE 2000 - National Minorities - Written presentation by the Rainbow Party
Written presentation by the Rainbow Party Mr. Moderator, Ladies and Gentleman, When, back in 1998, I was given the opportunity to address this assembly I expressed regret that I had to complain before this forum about the human rights practices of my country. Today I have to ...
OSCE Implementation Meeting - Statement on Greece, Strengthening Dialogue Between Governments and NGOs: the Negative Greek Experience
Press Release by the Greek Helsinki Monitor and Minority Rights Group-Greece In last year's meeting, we had welcomed what had appeared to be the beginning of a dialogue between the Greek government and NGOs concerned with human rights and minorities in Greece. However, following (and perhaps as a consequence of) a backlash against G.
OSCE Implementation Meeting - Statement on Bulgaria and Greece, Freedom of Association of Macedonian Minorities
Press Release by the Greek Helsinki Monitor and Minority Rights Group-Greece Greek Helsinki Monitor and Minority Rights Group - Greece have for years worked on human rights and in particular on minority rights in Southeast Europe. The concerns below reflect their related work, but also the views ...