Macedonian Human Rights Movement International

Western Puppet Politicians

Name Change (by Bill Pavlovski)

Today, a group of fake, Western puppet politicians, who have already become the most despicable villains in Macedonian history, met on the shores of Small Lake Prespa, in a remote corner of the part of Macedonia that Greece annexed in 1913, hiding like cowards, far away from the outraged citizens.
With support of their EU and other Western masters, they signed an agreement with which they will ethnically cleanse the Macedonian people within their own country - and throughout the world, all under the guise of a 'having more prosperous life' by 'potentially', at some point down the road, joining the failing European Union.

The Macedonian people took to the streets tonight and showed these miscreants what they thought of their cataclysmic 'agreement', one in which the Macedonian people and nation stand to lose their identity, and freedom, with every single point. They stood up to their corrupt 'government' under no political banners other than the only banner that counts, the Macedonian flag. Young, old, man, woman and child, they marched in defiance, waved their true Macedonian flags, and demanded that this traitorous puppet government immediately be removed from power, and for the political games being played with their country and identity to end.

And while Zoran Zaev was out laughing and dining with his 'friends' (ie: masters) with his pockets full of EU money, he placed an order…for this thugs in riot gear to move in on the Macedonian protestors and silence them - with batons, riot tanks and flash bombs, beating and arresting the men, women, CHILDREN and journalists in the streets.

There is no freedom in Zaev's Macedonia. There is no right to protest in Zaev's Macedonia. There are no rights for journalists to tell the truth in Zaev's Macedonia - even the Western media is complicit in lying for them now. And regardless of what his campaign slogan promised, there is no life in Zaev's Macedonia, because in his mind, Zaev has already put an end to Macedonia. This is what life is going to be like in 'North Macedonia', and it will only get worse. Unless we rise up and stop them.

Zaev must go. We must take back Macedonia for the Macedonians.

We do not need politicians and promises, we need Macedonians and action. We need a Macedonian president to do everything in his power to protect us, and we need every Macedonian out on the streets until we get the job done.