Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Macedonian Minority Representatives Attend European Free Alliance Meeting in the European Parliament

Source: Rainbow/Vinozhito

On November 13 - 14, 2003, a delegation from RAINBOW took part in the regular meeting of the European Free Alliance - Democratic Party of the Peoples of Europe (EFA-DPPE) in the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.

Among the many issues covered was a discussion regarding the proposed new European constitution. Representatives of EFA who participated in the discussions surrounding the formulation of new constitution pledged the text must mention the rights of the minority peoples of Europe.

Discussion also took place in regard to the formation of European political parties where EFA, among others, insists the conditions and criteria, which are now being formulated, must be satisfactory and should afford it status in the European Parliament Group in the European Parliament.

Upon the invitation of RAINBOW and in collaboration with the secretariat of the EFA, in Brussels, representatives of the Macedonian minorities from Albania and Bulgaria participated as guest observers for the first time.

Also as guests were representatives of the Turkish minority in Greece with whom RAINBOW co-operates to further the protection and respect of human rights for all minorities in Greece.

The Macedonian delegation in Brussels visited the central offices of the European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages (EBLUL) and had a meeting with high ranking officials from this institution, which works for the protection of minority and regional languages in Europe.

In the framework of the visit the Macedonia delegation had a meeting with members of the Macedonian community in Belgium especially with economic immigrants who are temporarily working in Belgium and are RAINBOW members who come from the Macedonian minority in Greece.