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Macedonian Political Refugees Will Be Able to Visit Greece This Summer
MILS NEWS (Macedonian Information and Liaison Service) The spokesperson of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Panajotis Beglitis, yesterday confirmed that official Athens is prepared to resolve the issue of the Macedonian political refugees and expelled persons from the period of the Civil war in Greece, a half century ago.
Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Announces Free Return of Macedonian Political Refugees
Macedonian political refugees (known as the Detsa Begaltsi or child refugees), were evacuated from Greece during the Civil War of 1946-49 and have consistently been denied entry into Greece simply because they assert their Macedonian ethnic identity. Former child refugees who assert a Greek identity have been allowed to return to Greece.
English Translation of the Interview with Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Regarding the Free Return of Macedonian Political Refugees
English Translation of the Interview with Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Regarding the Free Return of Macedonian Political Refugees
Info Zora - The Rainbow/Vinozhito Newsletter - February/March 2003 - No.10
RAINBOW (VINOZHITO) / European Movement Member of the European Free Alliance (EFA) STEFANOU DRAGOUMI 11, P.O. Box 51, 53100 FLORINA / LERIN GREECE TEL / FAX: +302385 / 46548 URL: European Free Alliance Members Condemn the Invasion of Iraq Position of the European Free Alliance (EFA) ...
Rainbow/Vinozhito Presentation at the 48th FUEN Congress on Nationalities
Presentation by Rainbow/Vinozhito 48th FUEN Congress on Nationalities, Bolzano, Italy May 29-31, 2003 [Background: A delegation from the Rainbow Party attended the 48th FUEN Congress in Bolzano, Italy where its was invited to present the status of the Macedonian minority in Greece. RAINBOW, which is currently an associate member of FUEN, also initiated discussions toward full membership.
Грчка пропаганда во Австралија: министер во Австралија под истрага затоа што Македонците ги нарекувал "Скопјани"
Министерот задолжен за мултикултурни прашања во австралиската сојузна држава Викторија Џон Пандазопулос е под истрага откако за Македонците го употребил погрдниот израз "Скопјани".
Racial Hate Claim Aimed at Minister
By Jeremy Kelly Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia) Assistant multicultural affairs minister John Pandazopoulos has been accused of breaching the racial hatred laws that he introduced in Parliament. Comments in which the Gaming Minister allegedly described Macedonians as "Skopians" have outraged the Macedonian community.
ECRI Meeting with Macedonian Organizations in Bulgaria
On May 7, 2003, in Sofia, Bulgaria, activists of the Macedonian organizations in the Pirin part of Macedonia had a meeting with the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) []. ECRI is an independent human rights monitoring mechanism, which was established by the first "Summit of Heads of State and Government of the member States of the Council of Europe" (October 1993).
Racist Australian Minister in Slur Probe for Referring to Macedonians as "Skopians"
By Richard Baker John Pandazopoulos, the minister assisting Premier Steve Bracks in his multicultural affairs portfolio, is being investigated by the Equal Opportunity Commission over comments he made on SBS radio last year. Mr Bracks yesterday confirmed the investigation at a Public Accounts and Estimates Committee hearing at State Parliament.
Open Letter to the Greek Prime Minister Regarding Greece's Blacklisting of Ethnic Macedonians
Open Letter To the Right Honourable Konstantinos Simitis Prime Minister of Greece From: Dr. Georgios Nakratzas Physician and Writer Holland Dear Sir, Two years ago I visited Turkey as a member of an international delegation, in support of Turkish writers suffering persecution. During the course of this visit I made ...