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Discriminations against ethnic Macedonians continues

Press Release
Florina/Lerin 23/10/2007

Another case of discrimination against Macedonian political refugee (See the Greek border document here).
On the 3rd of October 2007 Mr. Done Rakovski (Antonios Rakovitis) resident in the Czech Republic, born in the village Polyplatanos/Klabushchica of Florina/Lerin Prefecture arrived to the border check point of Niki/Negochani, Florina/Lerin, with the purpose to visit his village that is situated only a few kilometers from the border between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia.

During the passport control, Greek authorities detected that Mr. Rakovski's name was in the "unwanted persons national list" of the Greek State and his entry in Greece was thus denied.

This particular list contains the names of many Macedonian political refugees of the Civil War who still today, after 60 years after its end, cannot visit their birthplaces and their relatives in Greece.

Up to day, cases were known of Macedonian political refugees and economical emigrants from overseas countries (Australia, Canada and USA) as well as from the Republic of Macedonia, who are in the "national list of the unwanted". In this case, the surprising fact is that the negation of entry concerns to a citizen of a member-state of the European Union.

EFA-Rainbow in the context of the contacts and cooperation which it has with its partner in the European Political Party - European Free Alliance, will present the case to the appropriate bodies of the European Union (European Commission and European Parliament) the Council of Europe as well to other international human rights organisations.


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