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US Voting Make America Respected Again

Press Release

July 26, 2016

Its bad enough to have to hear a US presidential candidate claim to know everything there is to know abouteverything, and how to make it all great again. But its unbearable to listen to the claims of such a vast array of knowledge, and the touting of such experience and success that if one dares support the other candidate, they must be a complete idiot.

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Macedonian Newspaper ILINDEN The new May-August edition of Ilinden

July 25, 2016

Macedonian minority newspaper in Albania, published by Ilinden Tirana.
Proudly supported by MHRMI.

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Victoria Nuland MHRMI Calls for the Removal of all Diplomats Who Refuse to Use Macedonia's Name

Press Release

July 13, 2016

In a leaked phone call, Assistant US Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, was notoriously caught saying, Fuck the EU when referring to the Ukraine crisis in 2014. Ms. Nuland, how should Macedonians react after hearing you refer to your visit to this country and Skopje and refusing to use the name of our country, Macedonia?

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Macedonia at Olympics MHRMI Calls on Macedonian Athletes to Refuse to Walk in Behind Letter F for FYROM at Rio Olympics

Press Release

July 4, 2016

The IOC will follow the UN and USAs directives and continue to violate the most basic of Macedonias rights, and that is the right to use our own name. Yet again, Macedonian athletes will be forced to walk in behind the letter F for Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia at the Rio Olympics opening ceremonies. Macedonia, itself, gives in to American scare-tactics and refuses to stand up for its own name.

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MHR Review Macedonian Human Rights Review - Issue #25 - June 2016

July 1, 2016

In this edition of the MHR Review:

A Call for Responsible Citizenship - AMHRC

The Crisis Continues - George Vlahov

An Interview with Jorgos Papadakis - David Vitkov

EFA Condemns Golden Dawn Racists

'The Macedonian' in the EU Parliament - EFA

GHM on Freedom of Association in Greece - Panayote Dimitras

News in Brief - Mitch Belichovski

Australian Census Information - AMHRC

Australia Should Recognise Macedonia - Dr. Chris Popov

London's Mayor & the Name Dispute - Bill Nicholov

MHRMI Press Releases

Author and Poet Igor Isakovski - Dr. Michael Seraphinoff

An Interview with Michael Bakrncev - John Tsiglev

32nd Annual AMHRC Dinner Photos - Diane Kitanoski

AMHRC Hosts Melbourne Screening of 'The Macedonian'

Annual Human Rights Report on Bulgaria - OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN

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Facebook Despite Complaints, Facebook Allows Anti-Macedonian Hate Speech on Macedonian Pages

Press Release

June 24, 2016

Facebook claims that anti-Macedonian hate speech does not violate their Community Standards. What kind of community with no standards does Facebook think we live in? This sounds a lot like the freedom of speech excuse for doing nothing about lesser-known examples of racism.

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This is Macedonia MHRMI Appeals for Calm, and Common Sense, in the Republic of Macedonia

Press Release

June 22, 2016

Macedonian citizens must refrain from blind support of a chosen political party, and avoid displaying such an elevated level of partisanship, that theyll vehemently and sometimes violently, defend the party no matter what it has done. Vote on the issues, and force your politicians to act in your, and your countrys best interests.

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Media coverage:

News Ghana

Because 'Merica, that's why Macedonia, Cut Your American Puppet Master's Strings

Press Release

June 15, 2016

The world is the United States puppet. But how has the US become the puppet master? Because we allow it. One of the US playthings for the past 25 years has been Macedonia, which plays along because it fears that it has no choice, just like many other countries in the world do. So the US gives them treats once in a while like an obedient dog. But if the dog disobeys, beware the supposed consequences. But Macedonia, you do have a choice.

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Media coverage:

Macedonia Online
News Ghana

Boris Johnson Apply London Mayor's Anti-EU, US Arguments to Macedonia Name Dispute and It Would Be Over

Press Release

March 27, 2016

Re: Boris Johnson: Americans would never accept EU restrictions so why should we?

In anticipation of Barack Obama's upcoming visit to the United Kingdom, in which he will implore the UK to stay in the European Union, London mayor, Boris Johnson, said that "...coming from Uncle Sam, it is a piece of outrageous and exorbitant hypocrisy." True. No nation has the right to tell another how to run its internal affairs.

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Media coverage:

Eurasia Review

Film Screening Debate Film Screening Debate

Press Release

March 19, 2016

In exactly 3 weeks, EFA, our MEP Josep-Maria Terricabras Nogueras and Silesian MEP Marek Plura from the EPP - European People's Party will co-organize the screening of the movie "Macedonian" in the European Parliament.
Afterwards, a debate about two of Europe's unrecognized minorities, the Macedonians in Greece and the Silesians in Poland will take place with representatives from EFA members Ruch Autonomii Slaska and EFA Rainbow.
Do not miss it!

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Narodna Volja Macedonian Minority Newspaper in Bulgaria Thanks MHRMI and AMHRC for Crucial Support

Press Release

March 9, 2016

"Your regular financial assistance gives us the momentum and strength to continue, with dignity, our just struggle for the Macedonian national cause. We recognize that if it weren't for your huge patriotic support, our newspaper would cease to be published. You are the saviors of the newspaper and we are very grateful for this patriotic act," proudly declared Gjorgi Hristov, editor of Narodna Volja.

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Media coverage:


Macedonian Newspaper ILINDEN The new March/April edition of Ilinden

March 8, 2016

Macedonian minority newspaper in Albania, published by Ilinden Tirana.
Proudly supported by MHRMI.

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MHR Review Macedonian Human Rights Review - Issue #24 - March 2016

February 2, 2016

In this edition of the MHR Review:

Editorial - George Vlahov

The Name Dispute - Dimitar Ljorovski-Vamvakovski

End of an Illusion - Jorgos Papadakis

In Response to Nikos Dimou - Pavle Voskopoulos

EFA Condemns Anti-Macedonian Statements

News in Brief - Mitch Belichovski

32nd Annual AMHRC Dinner

Tamis: A Source of Hatred - AMHRC

Macedonian Women Writers - Michael Seraphinoff

A Scholarly Conference in Lerin - AMHRC

Macedonian Media Interview - Vasko Nastevski

Macedonian Media Interview - Jason Kambovski

Macedonian Media Interview - George Vlahov

Images from the Lerin Conference

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Toronto Star MHRMI Responds to Toronto Star's Pro-Greek Revisionist History

Press Release

January 29, 2016

In Cody Punter's January 26, 2016 article, he states that "Skopje, Macedonia, has been transformed into a majestic Hellenistic Disneyland in recent years, thanks to a neo-classical building program".

Is Mr. Punter not aware of the serious issues between Macedonia and Greece that have dominated the region since 1991? The infamous, nonsensical name dispute, initiated by Greece in its attempts to eradicate Macedonia's existence would not be celebrated by the Republic of Macedonia by erecting statues of non-existent "Greek" heroes.

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Macedonian Newspaper ILINDEN Another Macedonian Newspaper in Albania Revived Due to Funding from MHRMI and AMHRC

Press Release

January 19, 2016

MHRMI and AMHRC are pleased to announce that, due to our funding commitment, the newspaper of the Macedonian Association Ilinden Tirana, has resumed publication and distribution throughout Albania. MHRMI and AMHRC will ensure the success of this crucial voice in the ongoing struggle to protect and advocate for human rights for oppressed Macedonians in Albania.

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