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EBLUL's Response to Greek Media's Distortion of State Department Position on Macedonian Language and Ethnicity

Greek Member State Committee of EBLUL - Press Release

The Greek Member State Committee of the European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages (EBLUL) witnessed for yet another time the gloomy picture of Greek "journalists” performing an unprecedented falsification of reality only to serve the country's "national interests”.

This time, their "victim”, was the deputy Spokesperson of the US Department of State Mr. Tom Casey and his answers during the daily Press Briefing on Thursday, October 19th, 2006 in Washington DC.

According to Greek nationwide radio station Skai 100.3, the US official was cited to respond categorically to a relevant question that the US Government "does not recognize Macedonian language or ethnicity”

Let's see, now, what Mr Casey really said, using as source the official video of the briefing, to be found at State Department's web site

"...We recognize Macedonia, the country, by its constitutional name. The US government does not "recognize” languages or other sub-national forms like that, as far as I know…”

The difference of the above statement to the meaning intentionally given by the Greek Press is so obvious that does not require any further comment. What should really trouble any healthy-thinking journalist in Greece, their Unions, Greeks in general but also the US Government (since this obvious perversion of the truth involves one of its officials), is the unconcealed and continuous effort of numerous "professional journalists” and media to falsify according to their own wishful thinking statements of international and local officials.

What they only achieve, though, is to persuade about their professional inefficiency - to say the least - and about how deliberately they contravene the core principles of their mission: objective reporting of the truth in order to correctly inform the public opinion.

The GMSC of the EBLUL urges all those who try to cover their black propaganda under a flimsy "journalistic surcoat” to obtain a copy of the recently republished Macedonian Primer, initially printed by Greece itself back in 1925. By reading it and reporting about it, they may be able to understand that the Macedonian language needs no recognition, without putting themselves to the trouble of misquoting people every time they receive answers they don't like. Additionally, calls on Greek Journalists' Unions to explain why objective reporting almost always becomes selective disinformation when it comes to the truth about linguistic diversity in the country.

Athanassios Parisis
President of the GMSC EBLUL