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EBLUL Press Release on Greek Newspaper Censoring Article on Macedonian Minority and Language

Greek Member State Committee of EBLUL
Parisis Athanasios
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Press Release

Naoussa / Negush, 17th August 2005

The Greek Member State Committee of the European Bureau For Lesser-Used Languages (EBLUL) finds itself, for yet another time, in the unpleasant position to express its serious concerns about the full suppression of lingual diversity from Greek print and electronic Media.

This time, the reason was the refusal of the newspaper "Makedonia” in Thessaloniki to publish an article of its permanent columnist (since February 2004) Mr. Thanassis Triaridis under the title: "Short note on a banned language” ( The article stressed out the fact that the Greek state must at last lift the "ban” that was imposed on the Macedonian language and integrate it into the educational system, to the areas where it's widely spoken.

To justify this decision, the newspaper claimed that the article contradicted its "core principals”, forcing the author to resign (this was part of the initial agreement between "Makedonia” and Triaridis).

Unfortunately, it seems that the lack of pluralism and tolerance towards diversity that primarily characterises the modern Greek society, starts exactly from where it should end.The Mass Media, which instead of fulfilling their core mission and objectively inform the public opinion - especially for "unknown” issues such as the lesser used languages in Greece- choose to soundly fall in line with the official Greek state policy.

The GMSC of EBLUL wishes to express its unreserved support for Mr. Thanassis Triaridis and would like to repeat that respect towards lingual and cultural diversity is the most clear proof of a democratic and civilized European country. Additionally,calls on the Greek government and the Greek Media to actively assist after all in abolishing the prejudices and stereotypes they jointly developed on this matter over the past century.

Athanasios Parisis
President of GMSC of EBLUL