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Macedonians Demand Return of Their Name -
OUR NAME IS MACEDONIA Signs Spread Across the Country

Defying the US/EU and the two main political parties in Macedonia (both blindly follow American orders), Macedonians continue to put up OUR NAME IS MACEDONIA signs and posters across the country condemning the illegal name change and demanding the return of Macedonia's real name. Signs with the racist, Western-imposed “North” terminology are being replaced with MACEDONIA.
The illegal, US-imposed "Prespa Agreement" (that no Macedonian agreed to), forcibly changed Macedonia's name into "North Macedonia" and Macedonians' identity into "North Macedonian" in order to appease Greece, which had vowed to veto Macedonia's NATO membership unless it changed its name. Greece publicly admits to wanting to eradicate Macedonia and Macedonians, and publicly celebrates that the Western-imposed “Prespa Agreement” officially denies Macedonians' rights to their own identity. Article 7(2) officially hands over the term “Macedonia” to Greece. Article 8(5) mandates that a panel of Greek diplomats rewrite Macedonian history and that Macedonian textbooks be rewritten.

Further, the "Prespa Agreement" officially denies the existence of Macedonians in all of partitioned Macedonia - divided in 1913 among Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria and later, Albania. (The Republic of Macedonia declared independence in 1991). And all Macedonians, even abroad, are being denied the right to self-identify as Macedonian.

Because the West was so intent on installing the Republic of Macedonia into NATO, they broke Macedonian and international law, violated the constitution, parliamentary rules, criminal code, human rights conventions, democratic principles, and the will of the people in order to force through the illegal name change. The US-installed Zaev regime had ordered riot police to attack Macedonians who oppose the name change, imprisoned dissenting Macedonians, fired people from public and private-sector jobs, shut down media outlets, blocked social media access for those who oppose them, engaged in ballot-stuffing and mass voting irregularities, ignored the mass rejection by the Macedonian people of the referendum aimed at changing Macedonia's name, ordered government intimidation and investigation of those who are against his policies, imprisoned MPs and, along with US Ambassador Jess Baily, held female opposition MPs in parliamentary chambers against their will, and blackmailed and threatened their family members with imprisonment unless they followed orders to vote in favour of the name change. (Background information:

The brutal irony is that Greece used to deny the existence of Macedonia and mercilessly suppressed the Macedonian name until 1988, when they made a dramatic propaganda switch and started claiming it as their own.

Instead of defending Macedonians' right to self-determination, the two main political parties in Macedonia followed US orders, since independence, to negotiate Macedonia's name. SDS are the ones who committed treason and executed the name change while DPNE, the faux patriots, did nothing to stop it. (Their "official" names are “SDSM” and "VMRO-DPMNE" but they have lost (never had) the right to use the "M" for Macedonia)

Disgusted with their politicians' refusal to defend their most basic of human rights, Macedonians have spread Our Name Is Macedonia signs and posters throughout the country (see pictures below) with the messages:
  • "Nobody has the right to change our name and identity – Unite, defend Macedonia now! #OurNameIsMacedonia" and
  • "You don't own me. You don't own my name. I am Macedonian. I was born Macedonian in Zhelevo, Lerinsko, Aegean Macedonia under Turkish occupation. I stayed Macedonian under Greek occupation. Corrupt politicians cannot change my name and identity. #OurNameIsMacedonia. DEFEND IT."
Macedonian Human Rights Movement International proudly supports all Macedonians and leads the fight to return our Macedonian name, identity and history. Join us and tell the world that OUR NAME IS MACEDONIA. Our existence depends on it.