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Western Politicians Are Murderers

Western Politicians Are Murderers

Breaking news! International outrage! Someone spraypainted a politician’s office with a message (oh my God, what did it say?!) …condemning genocide and the politician for actively enabling it. Of course, Western politicians and their obedient media condemn the graffiti, not the genocide.

They have inexplicably “perfected” their faux outrage routines as the public — that is either too lazy, callous or stupid to realize it — soaks up their crocodile tears and turns a blind eye to mass murder committed by the supposed human rights “defenders”.

And Western journalists are wilfully blind and inexplicably happy to be accessories to murder.

For the sake of clarity, which is probably necessary for most in the Western public, Israel is committing genocide in Palestine. But Western politicians and media will have you believe that the victims are the murderers. Why? In the “brains” of these politicians, they think that they’re beholden to a “powerful” lobby group, its donors and voting bloc. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

The vast majority of Western politicians who I’ve met with, including (especially) those at the highest levels, all have something in common — sociopathic hypocrisy. And because of their reaction to recent events, it can now be classified as simply psychopathy.

So why (other than being psychopaths) would they condemn the slaughtered and support the slaughterer?

Because they think that kowtowing to this group will get them elected or keep them in power, which is clearly — more now than ever before — the only thing they care about. But the psychopaths don't realize that actually standing up for human rights will get them infinitely more votes — and not just from the group that is being victimized, which, by the way, far outnumbers the perpetrator.

But Israel is not the only benefactor of Western stupidity and evil. The West has chosen to support every oppressor of my ethnic group, Macedonians, and their publicly celebrated quest to eradicate our existence — be it through mass murder, expulsion, forced assimilation, brutal suppression of our ethnic identity, systematic violations of our human rights, violent crackdown on dissent…

I’ll focus on the one most familiar to the West and most romanticized of them all, Greece. And much like Israel, the privilege they enjoy means that they can do no wrong in the eyes of Western politicians.

Greece went from denying the existence of Macedonia, slaughtering and expelling hundreds of thousands of Macedonians after it annexed a large portion of our territory in 1913 and for generations afterward (with Western support, of course) to suddenly claiming the name “Macedonia” in 1988. Why? Claim the name of the oppressed to deny that any oppression occurs.

Question for Western politicians: If England claimed the names of Indigenous groups, does that mean that colonization and brutalization didn’t occur?

Common sense means nothing to Western politicians, so, just as Greeks accepted the propaganda change like a switch of a light, so did Western politicians despite living amongst huge Macedonian populations in the West (and begging for our votes at election time) and being fully aware of Greece’s tactics.

This latest tactic culminated in the US-led forced renaming of Macedonia into the highly-derogatory “North Macedonia” — a term designed to erase our name, identity, culture, and history. Why? To appease Greece so it lifts its veto of Macedonia’s Western-imposed NATO membership bid (to increase US hegemony in the region, of course).

Human rights violations against Macedonians throughout the Balkans have exploded as a result. Unfortunately, we’ve been used to it for decades as the US started a civil war in the Republic of Macedonia, granted amnesty to openly Nazi Albanian terrorists convicted of murder and installed them in the highest government posts, the West fully supports Bulgaria’s attacks on Macedonians (to lift its EU membership veto) and revision of Nazi Bulgaria’s history to refer to itself as a “liberator” instead of mass murderer and occupier of Macedonia (did Nazi Germany “liberate” France?), and the US and UK carpet-bombed Macedonian civilians, my family included, after World War II (despite Macedonia being on the Allied side in both world wars) in support of Nazi-supporting, ruling fascists in Greece and their genocide against Macedonians.

What should we expect? The West not only has a history of supporting Nazis, past and present, Canadian MPs recently even gave a standing ovation to one in parliament.

Western politicians’ justification to having no soul is their attempt to gain or keep power, and their wilfully blind belief in the oppressor’s claims to outnumber the oppressed, which they hope translates to more votes (see above). Brainless Western politicians and their advisors (should I name names?) have even told us that their “source” to “back up” these ridiculous claims is, wait for it…Wikipedia! Even elementary school children know that Wikipedia is not a source and are not permitted to use it.

Just to spell it out for them — Wikipedia is edited by the ill-informed public (red flag #1), and just like Western media, is twisted by those in power (regardless of political party) to suit the West’s anti-human rights, imperialist narrative.

Nothing like Wikipedia to define your conscience.

And when Western politicians’ advisors are actually fully aware (what?) of similar tactics, like the Canadian census for example, and try to explain it to their bosses, well, you can imagine how that turns out.

Here’s an easy-to-understand primer, even for politicians: Canadian and other Western censuses ask for the country of one’s birth. Seems logical, doesn’t it? Not when your country was forcibly partitioned and handed to your multiple oppressors, so when you are obliged to choose one of those countries, they use it to declare ownership of your ethnic identity.

Question for Western politicians: If Turkey took over a portion of Greece, would you even consider allowing Turkish groups in the West to declare that the people born there are not Greek, but ethnically Turkish?

If only the groups that the West deemed subhuman enjoyed even a portion of the rights granted to the romanticized. Here’s a thought — stand up for human rights, period.

But no, they won’t. They pledge to support basic human rights but only after a group helps them win (should I name names?). We all know what happens to campaign promises once elections are over. In our case, Macedonians have made it perfectly clear to Western politicians that we will only support them if they support our right to exist first.

But instead of supporting human rights for the actual oppressed, Western politicians try to "prove" their "defence" of human rights by manufacturing mass outrage to inconsequential or non-existent events, while covering up their own atrocities.

So when you see the next news story about an “outrageous incident” designed to cover up genocide, think about it like this:

A mass murderer cries bloody murder about a fender bender, which garners huge attention from the obedient media, to get the public wound-up to start mass protests in defence of fenders everywhere. Who would they vote for at election time? Captain Fender. But wait! Politician from Party B ups his mass outrage, he is now known as Defender Fender, vote for him! Forget the mass carnage and genocide executed by Western politicians, they succeed in having the public believe that their defence of fenders supersedes life.

Then do us all (and yourself) a favour: Wake up, stop being lazy, callous, or stupid, and the next time a politician cries bloody murder about a fender, tell them to go F themselves.

Bill Nicholov, President
Macedonian Human Rights Movement International

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