Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Vinozhito/Rainbow Announcement Prior to the Greek Municipal Elections

RAINBOW will be participating in the upcoming elections to the prefecture and municipal councils. The elections will take place on the 13th and 20th of October, 2002 where RAINBOW will be fielding candidates in coalitions.

Where there are no RAINBOW candidates we call on voters to support those who have publicly shown support for the following:

1. Respect toward the identity of Macedonians, Vlach and Arvanite as well as all local cultures in their original form, and not as objects for nationalistic prejudices and antagonisms but as inspiration for cultural cooperation among citizens of local societies.

2. Respect for the right to repatriation without preconditions of ethnic Macedonian political refugees, many of whom will be able to make fundamental contributions to the local society from which they originate and must be allowed to participate.

3. Respect for the protection and development of local languages such as Macedonian, Vlach and Arvanitiki as well as all languages, which form part of the cultural wealth of a region. These should be promoted not only by local programs but also within the framework of the general educational system.

We call on all citizens to take an active part in the upcoming elections.

RAINBOW believes citizens are able to contribute greatly to the broader society when there exists equality for all and free expression of whatever cultural, linguistic or ethnic identity.

We believe that difference in any case should never be a personal or collective disadvantage but a positive distinction of the citizens of a given society.

In this framework local self government will be able to contribute not only to the local development and prosperity of the citizens but will also be able to further the Europeanization of Greek society.

Political Secretariat.