Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
USA Calls On Greece to Respect Macedonian Minority
Source: Makfax The United States of America has called upon Greece to respect the rights of its Macedonian, Albanian and Turkish minorities. This was reported on Friday by Greek newspaper Eleftherotypia, stating that this stance has provoked a severe reaction by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
International Helsinki Federation 2006 Annual Report
The International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights (IHF) posted the first ten chapters of the upcoming 2006 Report - "Human Rights In The OSCE Region: Europe, Central Asia and North America" (Events of 2005) on its website under: today.
Macedonian Diaspora Leaders Met UN Envoy Matthew Nimetz
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MAY 20, 2005 See below for contact information Representative leaders from the Macedonian Diaspora in North America Gligor Tashkovich of New York City, Metodija A. Koloski of the United Macedonian Diaspora in Washington, D.C. and Mark Opashinov of the Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada in ...
Australian Prime Minister Backs Away From Statement Made in Support of Greece
AUSTRALIAN MACEDONIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMITTEE MEDIA RELEASE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- During a recent visit to Greece, the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, made a statement in which he "reaffirmed the Australian government support for Greece” in relation to the Republic of Macedonia.
International Helsinki Federation 2002 Annual Report - Greece
Human Rights in the OSCE Region: The Balkans, the Caucasus, Europe, Central Asia and North America - Report 2002 (events 2001) Greece did not make much progress in furthering the protection of human rights during 2001. The extensive violation of minority rights continued despite sharp criticism from the relevant international bodies.
International Helsinki Federation 2002 Annual Report - Bulgaria
Human Rights in the OSCE Region: The Balkans, the Caucasus, Europe, Central Asia and North America - Report 2002 (events 2001) Freedom of Expression and Media The right to freedom of speech of Bulgarian citizens of Macedonian self-determination was violated on several occasions by criminal prosecutions for the distribution of printed materials.
Greece: Last in Civil Liberties in the Free World According to Freedom House
Press Release - Greek Helsinki Monitor Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) cites, once again, that Greece has been rated last in civil liberties among "free countries" in the just published Freedom House annual report, Freedom in the World 2002: The Democratic Deficit (available at:
US Helsinki Commission on Greece's Sober Human Rights Record
Congressional Record - United States of America Proceedings and Debates of the 107th Congress, First Session Vol. 147 Washington, Wednesday, March 21, 2001 No. 0 House - (Legislative day of Tuesday, March 20, 2001) Celebrating Greek Independance Day Hon.