Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Greek Committee of the European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages - Information Bulletin
Greek Committee of the European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages PO Box 100, 59200 Naousa - Greece Tel. ++.3850.22570 Email: Information Bulletin October 2002 - Number 1 Press Release On 26 January 2002 a meeting was arranged in Thessaloniki by the European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages for representatives of the linguistic minorities of Greece.
GHM Statement to the Helsinki Commission Hearing on "Human Rights in Greece: A Snapshot of the Cradle of Democracy"
GREEK HELSINKI MONITOR (GHM) - Address: P.O. Box 60820, 15304 Glyka Nera - Telephone: (+3) 010.347.22.59. Fax: (+3) 010.601.87.60.
Report About Minorities and Media in Greece
By: Georgios N. Papadakis- "Express” Daily Financial Newspaper-Athens Unfortunately, the general situation in Greece as far as all kinds of minorities are concerned cannot be yet characterized as satisfactory, although significant progress was made over the past 10-15 years. Being a member of the European Union, Greece was (and still ...
Greece Still Scores Last on Press Freedom
Press Release - Greek Helsinki Monitor TOPIC: WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY (3 MAY). GREECE STILL SCORES LAST ON PRESS FREEDOM. Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM), on the occasion of tomorrow's World Press Freedom Day, points out that, among the countries with a long democratic tradition, Greece is regrettably the one with the least respect for press freedom.
MILS News: "Bulgaria Changes the Relation Towards Macedonian Minority"
Macedonians from Bulgaria yesterday without any pressures or threats by the police, celebrated the anniversary of the murder of Macedonian revolutionary, Jane Sandanski. On the celebration in the Rozen Monastery near the city of Sandanski, the Bulgarian police did not make any trouble, as it was the case in the previous ten years, reports "Deutsche Welle" radio.
International Press Institute - 2001 World Press Freedom Review
The following are IPI's reports on Greece, Bulgaria and Albania. For their complete report please visit: Report on Greece Greece continues to be one of the few countries within the European Union (EU) that has consistently brought criminal defamation suits against journalists.
New EBLUL Member State Committee Established in Greece
Please note that since this press release was issued, EBLUL has dropped the use of the "Slav-Macedonian" term and now refers to the Macedonian language and minority by its proper name, Macedonian. See the related press release here: Press Release Brussels - Last Saturday, the European ...
Greece: Last in Civil Liberties in the Free World According to Freedom House
Press Release - Greek Helsinki Monitor Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) cites, once again, that Greece has been rated last in civil liberties among "free countries" in the just published Freedom House annual report, Freedom in the World 2002: The Democratic Deficit (available at:
Rainbow Participates in the General Assembly of the European Alliance
Statement by the Rainbow Party Madame Chairman, Members of the European Parliament from the EFA/GREENS Group, Ladies and Gentlemen, As members of Greece's ethnic Macedonian minority, and as the sole minority party from the Balkan region represented in the European Parliament through the European Free Alliance, we are compelled in ...
Report on the Lack of Human Rights for Macedonians in Bulgaria
Macedonians of Bulgaria in Uncertainty A joint mission of Bulgarian and Macedonian Helsinki Committees finds the human rights of Macedonians of Bulgaria precarious Vienna, Sofia, Skopje, 10. October 2000. On 1, 2 and 3 October Meto Jovanovski from the Macedonian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights and Krassimir Kanev from the ...