Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Press Conference - Brussels: Bulgaria's Accession to the EU - Respect for Minorities
WHEN: WEDNESDAY 29 NOVEMBER AT 14H00 WHERE: EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT PRESS ROOM PHS0A50 TRANSLATION: BULGARIAN/ ENGLISH Bernat Joan (Catalan MEP), Gunther Dauwen (EFA Party Director) and Stojko Stojkov, representative of Bulgaria's Macedonian minority party OMO Ilinden Pirin and their legal representative Yonko Grozev will give a press conference on respect for democracy and political pluralism in Bulgaria.
Council of Europe and Olli Rehn declare that Bulgaria should register OMO "Ilinden” Pirin
European Free Alliance Following the letter of President of the Commission Barroso on the registering of the OMO Ilinden Pirin party, Olli Rehn's spokesperson declared yesterday that Bulgaria should enable this party to register. In the program 'Horizont' on the Bulgarian National radio Krisztina Nagy, spokesperson of ...
Helsinki Committees Denounce Anti-Minority Rhetoric and Discrimination in Bulgaria
Source: International Helsinki Federation Sofia/Vienna, 21 November 2006. Gathered for their annual General Assembly meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 16-19 November 2006, members of the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights (IHF) expressed concern about the rise in anti-minority rhetoric and discrimination in Bulgaria.
Bulgaria: Minority Rights a Prerequisite to EU Membership
Source: United Macedonian Diaspora Washington, D.C. - The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) calls on the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights to ensure that human rights, and in particular, the rights of the Macedonian minority, are respected by the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria.
EU Fails National Minorities in Bulgaria and Greece
Macedonian Human Rights Movement International - Press Release "Macedonians should be shot dead when walking the streets". Apparently the EU finds statements like this acceptable when they come from politicians from EU, or soon-to-be EU, countries. Bulgarian municipal councillor, Veselin Danov, recently made this statement when referring to Macedonian minority party OMO Ilinden PIRIN.
EFA Letter Regarding Breaches of Human Rights in Bulgaria
Dear President of the European Commission, Mr. Barroso, Dear Commissioner on Elargement, Mr. Rehn, To the Finnish presidency of the Council of Ministers, President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the EP, To Mr Brok, To the Bulgarian President and Prime Minister, To Georgi Parvanov and Sergei Stanishev, To The ...
MHRMI Appeals to International Community to Intervene on Behalf of Oppressed Macedonian Minority in Bulgaria
Macedonian Human Rights Movement International - Press Release Bulgaria has stepped up its campaign of blatant racism and intimidation against its large Macedonian minority only months before its acceptance into the European Union. Following a defamation campaign against Macedonian political party OMO Ilinden PIRIN by Bulgarian media, Bulgarian politicians have ...
EFA Letter to EU Commissioner on Enlargement Regarding Human Rights Abuses Against Macedonians in Bulgaria
To the Commissioner on Enlargement Mr. Olli Rehn Rue de la Loi 200 1040 Brussels Mr. Commissioner, As President of the European Free Alliance (EFA), I firmly want to protest against the very repressive climate in the Pirin area in Bulgaria.
Fundamental Freedoms II - Statement by the Greek Delegation, in Exercise of Its Right of Reply
Mr. Moderator, We heard this morning four statements with regard to the situation in my country. My delegation is of course happy to respond to all allegations made by NGOs.
OSCE Implementation Meeting - Promotion of Tolerance and Non-Discrimination, National Minorities - Statement by the Greek Delegation, in exercise of its Right of Reply
1. My delegation requested to exercise its "right of reply” to a statement made by the distinguished representative of the United States of America, who mentioned the existence of "Albanian, Macedonian and Turkish” minorities in Greece. The views contained therein are erroneous, misleading and suggest an unwarranted severity of the situation in my country.