Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Greece: New radio licensing law restricts minority media, says OSCE media freedom watchdog
Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) highlights the following OSCE warning that Greece's new media law seriously restricts minority and community access to radio broadcasting. It is noteworthy that OSCE's warning has been hardly covered by Greek media. New radio licensing law in Greece restricts minority media, says OSCE media freedom watchdog ...
SEEMO Protest GREECE to H.E. Anna Benaki-Psarouda, President of the Hellenic Parliament
Your Excellency, The International Press Institute (IPI), a global press freedom organisation representing editors, publishers and leading journalists in over 110 countries, together with its affiliate organisation the South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO), is deeply concerned at a proposed draft media law containing provisions damaging to press freedom in Greece.
Dimitras interview to Macedonian daily "Dnevnik” on human rights in Greece
Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) disseminates the interview of its Spokesperson Panayote Dimitras to the Macedonian daily newspaper "Dnevnik” published on 17 April 2007. He gave answers to several questions of journalist Zana P. Bozinovska.
Plight of the ethnic Macedonian national minority of northern Greece
Doc. 11249 Motion for a resolution presented by Mr Jurgens and others This motion has not been discussed in the Assembly and commits only the members who have signed it 1. The undersigned are deeply concerned about the high number of sustained human rights violations against the Macedonian ethnic and linguistic minority of northern Greece.
Greek State News Agency and Media Distort State Department Position on Macedonian Language and Ethnicity
Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) - Press Release Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) denounces a new example of directed journalism in the service of "national interests” by the Greek state Athens News Agency (ANA) that was willingly disseminated by several Greek media without checking the story despite its obviously irrational content.
OSCE Implementation Meeting - Freedom of Movement - Statement of Rainbow
Thank you Mr Moderator This morning I would like to talk about Greece's denial of the right to freedom of movement to individuals born within its borders. Although Article 9.5 of the Copenhagen document states that States will respect the right of everyone to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country, Greece has and continues to ignore this OSCE commitment.
OSCE Implementation Meeting - Promotion of Tolerance and Non-Discrimination, National Minorities - Statement by the Greek Delegation, in exercise of its Right of Reply
1. My delegation requested to exercise its "right of reply” to a statement made by the distinguished representative of the United States of America, who mentioned the existence of "Albanian, Macedonian and Turkish” minorities in Greece. The views contained therein are erroneous, misleading and suggest an unwarranted severity of the situation in my country.
OSCE Implementation Meeting - Promotion of Tolerance and Non-Discrimination, National Minorities - United States Delegation Statement
Mr. Moderator, The United States commends the High Commissioner's ongoing work in Central Asia, southeastern Europe and elsewhere focusing on critical minority issues such as education and multi-ethnic policing, and emphasizing integration rather than segregation of persons belonging to minorities.
OSCE Implementation Meeting - Promotion of the Macedonian Language Primer - Press release
The Greek ambassador to the OSCE, Mr Haralambos G. Manesis became the first representative of the Greek state to officially receive yesterday a copy of the Macedonian Primer "Abecedar”, during the annual OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting in Warsaw. This initiative of EFA- Rainbow comes as an answer to the ...
OSCE Implementation Meeting - National Minorities - Statement of Rainbow
Thank you Mr Moderator. My statement today shall focus on the linguistic rights of national minorities. Specifically I shall speak about the Macedonian speaking community in Greece.