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Amnesty Criticizes EU Double Standards on Human Rights
News Release courtesy of the Greek Helsinki Monitor Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) publicly regrets that, once more in this release, Amnesty International (AI) mentions the joint report of AI with the International Helsinki Federation (IHF) on Greece as only an AI report. Given that this unethical reference ...
Macedonian Organizations in Bulgaria Hold United Commemoration in Honour of Jane Sandanski Without Police Interference
For the first time all Macedonian organizations in Bulgaria yesterday mutually commemorated the anniversary of the murder of Macedonian revolutionary Jane Sandanski. They also announced the unification of their organizations. As Macedonian radio reports, at the Rozhen monastery in Bulgaria, all organizations of the Macedonians in Bulgaria mutually gathered in order to pay respect at the grave of Sandanski.
"Macedonia and Bulgaria Have Different Pasts, But They Have the Same Views for the Future"
"Relations between Bulgaria and Macedonia can be an example for other countries in the process of Euro-integration", stated Prime Minister Branko Crvenkovski yesterday at the end of the three-day visit of Bulgarian Prime Minister, Simeon Saksoburgotski to Macedonia. The Bulgarian Prime Minister, for his part, evaluated the visit to Macedonia ...
Info Zora - The Rainbow/Vinozhito Newsletter - December 2002/January 2003 - No.9
RAINBOW (VINOZHITO), European Movement Member of the European Free Alliance (EFA) STEFANOU DRAGOUMI 11, P.O. Box 51, 53100 FLORINA, LERIN GREECE TEL, FAX: +302385, 46548 URL: It is our opinion that the issue of immigration will dominate the political stage over the next years, if it does not already, in both Greece as well as the entire European Union.
EU Accession Exposes Double Standards on Minority Rights
Minority Rights Group International The European Union's role in promoting ratification of the Council of Europe Framework Convention on National Minorities (FCNM)1 among European Union (EU) accession States2 reveals double standards since some existing EU countries have themselves failed to ratify and implement the Convention.
Observations on the Parliamentary Question by the New Democracy M.E.P. Mr. Stavros Xarhakos to the European Commission
Dr. Georgios Nakratzas, Physician - Writer On 19 March 2003 the M.E.P. Mr.
Bulgarian Prime Minister Acknowledges Existence of Macedonian Minority in Bulgaria
PRIME MINISTER SAKSOBURGOTSKI - THERE ARE FEW THOUSANDS BULGARIANS WITH MACEDONIAN ORIGIN IN BULGARIA "Bulgaria acknowledges the minorities in the country. In 2001 few thousands of citizens declared as Bulgarians with Macedonian origin, and 3 thousands of citizens stated that the Macedonian language is their mother language.
MHRMC Criticism of US State Department Report on Greece
The Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada (MHRMC) is appalled by the US State Department's continued misrepresentation of the Macedonian minority in Greece in its "Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - 2002: Greece”. Despite numerous appeals by the MHRMC and other international NGOs, (see the Greek Helsinki Monitor's press ...
Macedonian Minority Organizations in Bulgaria Unite
Organizations of the ethnic Macedonian minority in Bulgaria met in the eastern Macedonian village of Novo Selo on 5 April at the invitation of the World Macedonian Congress (SMK), the Skopje daily "Utrinski vesnik" reported. Representatives of the United Macedonian Organization Ilinden (OMO Ilinden), the United Macedonian Organization Ilinden-Party for ...
Greek Helsinki Monitor's 2002 Activity Report
The following are excerpts from GHM's 2002 activity report. For the full text, please visit the link below: 1. Minorities A GHM report on "Minorities and the Media in Greece” was commissioned by and published in Mercator Media Forum.