Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Western Journalists Are Accessories to Murder

Western Journalists Are Accessories to Murder

How are Western TV news anchors able to sit at their desks, with a straight face and with no remorse, and broadcast news that enables rampant human rights violations and glorifies mass murder?

Are they evil, selfish or just plain stupid?

When they report news of a country carpet-bombing civilians, with almost half of the slaughtered being children, the next words that come out of the journalist's mouth cannot be that the country committing genocide "has the right to defend itself".

Nobody is that stupid.

Western journalists follow their bosses' marching orders and have agreed to be wilfully blind in order to push through a biased, racist agenda for the sake of their own careers.

They are selfish, resulting in evil acts, so you draw your own conclusions.

To make matters worse, they drown in self-congratulatory adulation from the public for "standing up for morality, democracy, and human rights" while feigning humbleness with a thinly veiled, yet omnipresent, aura of self-righteousness.

Yes, I'm pissed off.

And correction, it's the public that is that stupid.

To add to the audacity, many Western journalists and owners of media companies, who share a religion or ethnicity with the oppressed, hang their own people out to dry in order to pursue their imperialistic Western agendas for the sake of a profit.

There are specific people I have in mind, but you draw your own conclusions.

My ethnic group has its own Western media sellouts, and will also draw its own conclusions as to who I'm referring to. We're a target of the wide array of Western anti-human rights tactics, and we've experienced them all, including mass murder, expulsion, forced assimilation and systematic human rights abuses.

When your country's name is forcibly changed (by the West, aiding and abetting your oppressors, of course) in order to eradicate your identity, culture, and history — as announced and celebrated by your oppressors — the next words out of a Western journalist's mouth cannot be that it is a "resolution of a diplomatic dispute".

Riot police attacking peaceful protesters cannot result in Western media sympathizing with the police and denouncing the protesters. Dissenters incarcerated and subjected to daily beatings in prison — simply for speaking out — cannot be referred to as "nationalists". Terrorists who started a civil war in your country and committed murder with the public aim of destroying your ethnic group (with Western backing, of course), cannot be labelled as "human rights defenders".

When your ethnic group, and your family, are carpet-bombed by the West following World War II (despite being Allies in both world wars) because the West chose to aid Nazi-supporting fascists slaughter your ethnic group, Western journalists cannot call it a "defence of democracy".

The West chooses which ethnic groups are expendable. They decide who has human rights and superhuman rights, vs. no rights at all. But Western media companies and journalists do not have to obey marching orders. They choose to follow them in lockstep no matter the repercussions for the oppressed. They could take a stand in defence of human rights — and actual life — by reporting the truth, quitting in protest and exposing corruption in their industry, and becoming real defenders of human rights. And their selfishness would be satisfied, as there is profit to be had there too.

But they choose to be accessories to murder. They are evil.

Bill Nicholov, President
Macedonian Human Rights Movement International