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The United Tornado of America's Latest Victim - Macedonia

When it comes to US foreign policy, there is no left and right. It's a circle. A vicious, never-ending one, that wreaks havoc wherever it goes. A US foreign interventionist tornado, if you will.

Democrats and Republicans seem to be at odds over everything, except two crucial things that unite them. One, the American superiority complex. Two, inflicting it on the rest of the world.

Most of the world is united against Trump, for good reason. Racism, sexism, sheer stupidity.... Pick one, or any of the dozens of other reasons. But Democrats, you suffer from one of Trump's worst qualities - lack of self-awareness. You might not have his comical idiocy (you'll get closer if Joe Biden becomes President) but you're remarkably similar in many other ways.

"Malarkey!" you might say, sounding a bit like Biden's idiotic campaign slogan. But let's look briefly at some foreign policy examples. Yes, I'm keeping it brief in case you suffer from another bout of Trumpitis - no attention span.

Under Democratic rule, you instituted policies that stoked civil war in Macedonia, granted amnesty to terrorists, overthrew a government to install a puppet regime, detained and threatened female MPs and their families, imprisoned those who dared speak out against US interventionism, defied international and Macedonian law, the Constitution, the will of the people, and all democratic principles that you so proudly espouse - to force through a name, identity and history change. Why? To appease Greece, so it refrains from vetoing Macedonia's NATO membership, which it threatened to keep doing unless Macedonia changed its name to "North Macedonia" and threw away everything it ever meant to be Macedonian.

The Democratic Party response? You decided to aid (yet another) oppressor, this one in its public goal to eradicate Macedonia and Macedonians. Again, why? To satisfy your ingrained and insatiable imperialism.

You see (well, you would, if you opened your eyes), the United Political Party of America’s meddling in Macedonia is just the latest example of American Politicians Gone Wild. Republicrats/Demopublicans have been meddling and murdering on a massive international scale for decades. Pick a country, any country, and know that the US has meddled in it. Pick a dictator, any dictator, and know that the US enabled them if it suited the USA’s twisted foreign policy agenda, even at the expense of countless innocent civilians.

So, Democrats, you're a lot more like Trump and Republicans than you thought. We covered racism and sexism, so now to the "sheer stupidity" point. You could've avoided the attempted eradication of an entire ethnic group and saved tens of millions of foreign interventionist dollars by simply removing the one-country veto rule in NATO, or just directing (ordering, as is your specialty) Greece not to use it. Of course, there is absolutely no benefit to NATO membership (or NATO's existence) but that's another story.

Another key "sheer stupidity" point is that you willingly fell for Greece's newfound claim that Macedonia's name "belongs" to it, after generations spent denying the existence of the "M" word. Your self-proclaimed experts (should) know this, but all of Macedonia was partitioned in 1913 among Serbia (now the independent Republic of Macedonia), Greece, Bulgaria and later, Albania. All denied the existence of Macedonia and tried to eradicate it, yet we endure.

At times, though, they have even made claims to Macedonia (they really should keep their propaganda straight). So how can Macedonia be Serbian, Greek, Bulgarian and Albanian? How about a concept that even Trump should understand - Macedonia is Macedonian. Borders change, but ones ethnicity does not change with it. The term "Macedonian" has only ever meant one thing - an ethnic Macedonian. A point even acknowledged by our oppressors - until it no longer suited their fascist ideals.

Yet, Republicans, you continued - and even praised - the Democratic Party's anti-Macedonian, anti-human rights policy, despite Trump's pledge to not intervene like his "nemesis" Hillary Clinton. Republicans, you've always been more outspoken in your despicable racism and sexism than Democrats, but you should now realize that you've always had a Democratic Party partner in (actual) crime.

If these revelations are too much for Democrats and Republicans to handle, why don't one of you denounce the US-imposed name change on Macedonia and actually stand up for the rights you claim to spread around the world? God forbid. But you'd think you'd do it, if for no other reason than spite.

No, you're more likely to secretly embrace your newly-discovered relationship and still feign public hatred, while continuing to wreak havoc hand-in-hand.

Bill Nicholov, President
Macedonian Human Rights Movement International