Macedonian Human Rights Movement International

The Democratic Party's Words Are Better Than Trump's. Their Actions Are Not.

Everything that was said at the Democratic National Convention was full of...hypocrisy.

“Do not let them take away your power. Don't let them take away your democracy”, said Barack Obama, who instituted a policy to trample all over an entire ethnic group's power, democratic and human rights while forcibly changing their country's name and their ethnic identity.

“We need numbers so overwhelming Trump can't sneak or steal his way to victory”, said Hillary Clinton, whose State Department policy – still in place and fully, ironically and brutally supported by the Trump administration – is to rig elections in this country to make sure that their favourite puppet regime retains power.

“As Speaker, I've seen firsthand Donald Trump's disrespect for facts, for working families, and for women in particular”, said Nancy Pelosi, whose party began the policy of threatening, beating, and imprisoning women in this country so they obey US orders.

This country is Macedonia.

A lot of Democratic Party voters don't know what is happening in Macedonia, but the Democratic Party does – because they orchestrated it. And the Republican Party fully endorses it. Why? Because it fulfills the number one objective of US foreign policy going back over seven decades – interventionism. Why Macedonia? To appease Greece, so it refrains from vetoing Macedonia's NATO membership, which it threatened to keep doing unless Macedonia changed its name to “North Macedonia”, threw away everything it ever meant to be Macedonian and handed the term “Macedonia” to Greece. And this doesn't just affect the Republic of Macedonia, it affects all of Macedonia – partitioned in 1913 among Serbia (now the independent Republic of Macedonia), Greece, Bulgaria and, in 1919, Albania.

Ironically, going back even further than the USA's implementation of its interventionist agenda, Greece's well-known policy was to deny the existence of Macedonia, fiercely suppress any mention of the “M” word and execute its campaign of eradicating, expelling or forcibly assimilating Macedonians within its borders. But, in 1988, Greece shockingly began claiming the name “Macedonia” (while still denying the existence of Macedonians) to – as admitted by many Greek politicians including former PM Constantine Mitsotakis – to “wipe Macedonia off the map” and to deny its policy of persecution and cultural genocide against the large Macedonian minority in Greece.

Enter the United States – stage left and right. Democrats and Republicans executed policies that stoked civil war in Macedonia, granted amnesty to terrorists, overthrew a government they already controlled to install a puppet regime they controlled even further, detained and threatened female MPs and their families, imprisoned those who dared speak out against US interventionism, defied international and Macedonian law, the Constitution, the will of the people, and all democratic principles that they so proudly espouse – to ensure that NATO's membership, and imperialism, grows.

This will come to a surprise to many Americans, but it shouldn't. The USA's claim of “spreading democracy throughout the world” is a dog whistle for spreading tyranny in order to achieve its misguided foreign policy objectives. Accept the blatantly obvious – and do something to stop it. Democratic Party voters, hold your Democratic Party to account. Make sure that their words actually mean something. Make sure that they're not Trump. Republican Party voters, your Republican Party campaigns on not being the Democratic Party, so demand that they stop executing their foreign policy.

At the DNC, Kamala Harris said, of her mother: “She raised us to be proud, strong Black women. And she raised us to know and be proud of our Indian heritage.” The United States is doing everything in its power to strip Macedonians of our right to be who we are and who we've always been – Macedonians. Imagine this happening to you. Demand a return of Macedonia's name and the return of Macedonians' basic human rights. Demand an end to US foreign interventionism. Take a stand for what you claim to believe in.

Bill Nicholov, President
Macedonian Human Rights Movement International