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TAKE ACTION Tell International Media to STOP Perpetuating Hate Against Macedonians
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TAKE ACTION: Tell International Media to STOP Perpetuating Hate Against Macedonians

TAKE ACTION: Visit to instantly send the following email to the world's biggest media outlets. Tell them that their coverage of the forced Macedonia name change is perpetuating hate and celebrating cultural genocide. Tell them to defend our right to exist and that OUR NAME IS MACEDONIA. Share this and ask everyone you know to do the same. Don't stop. We WILL get Macedonia's name back.

Go to now to send this email to international media:

Your coverage of Macedonia is perpetuating hate

The term "North Macedonia" negates our name and identity. Your coverage that the forced name change (that Macedonians wholeheartedly rejected) is a "resolution of a diplomatic dispute" is beyond offensive. We all have the right to self-identification, yet it is brutally stripped from Macedonians, and then shockingly celebrated. You are starting from the notion that Macedonia`s claim to our own name is "new", and that Greece "really" owns our name, despite generations spent denying the existence of Macedonia, outlawing the use of the "M" word, and executing brutal policies aimed at eradicating Macedonia and Macedonians. Their newfound claim to Macedonia`s name - beginning in 1988 - is an admitted ploy to deflect from their anti-Macedonian policies. Do not celebrate cultural misappropriation and cultural genocide. Please read and let me know your response. Tell me that you will start reporting on the forced Macedonia name change responsibly and that you will defend our right to exist. Thank you.