Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Photo by Kevin Schmid on Unsplash

Selective Outrage Enables Murder

We cannot allow countries to be invaded, the killing of innocent civilians, coups of democratically elected governments, and vicious attacks on people’s most basic of human rights — all in the name of a sadistic foreign leader who only cares about his country’s dominance (or revival of dominance) on the world stage.

We cannot allow him to spin the narrative and blatantly lie about something that is so (literally) painfully obvious. Referring to an avoidable tragedy by any other name does not change his culpability in inflicting mounting human suffering.

We cannot allow him to ruthlessly silence dissent and spin criticism of his policies as support for his enemy.

We all stand for democracy, self-determination and human rights.

We all agree — the United States must be stopped.

If you suddenly disagree, you are either deliberately turning a blind eye to US havoc overseas or you think that the US is somehow “justified” in its murderous interventionism.

I’ve met with many US State Department officials and foreign policy advisors who wholeheartedly believe in the latter. I can only describe it as surreal sociopathy. And yet, these are the “experts” that Western media choose to broadcast as analysts for [insert US-designated conflict of the day here].

All human rights abuses and war crimes must be condemned, not just the ones that the United States tells you to — while covering up their own.

Choose any international conflict and know that the United States is involved, either through war, proxy war, drone strikes, bomb drops, coups, sanctions, starvation of civilians, stripping of basic human rights, and mass murder on a scale that no other country comes even close to approaching.

So, no, I’m not interested in a serial killer condemning another murderer.

I’ll tell you my story.

Despite my country being on the Allied side in both world wars, the United States and United Kingdom decided to bomb innocent civilians (my family included) following WWII in support of a country that had already killed and expelled hundreds of thousands of my people in their quest to eradicate our existence.

Yes, this is who the US decided to support. And no, you should not be surprised. Remember that the US propped up Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.

The US followed up with decades of support for our oppressors — including arming terrorists to start a war — and with a huge ramp-up of attacks on our ethnic identity and independence in the past several years. They overthrew the government, installed a dictator, brutally suppress dissent, and order and enable physical attacks, threats, blackmail and incarceration of my people throughout the entire region.

Why? To appease our oppressors — who still want us eradicated — in order to force our country into NATO (with the prerequisites that our country be forcibly renamed, our identity changed, and history erased), all to, of course, increase US imperialism.

Do you condemn these acts? Of course, you do.

My country is Macedonia. Do you still condemn these acts or are you waiting for the US to give you permission?

All evil acts must be condemned, no matter the perpetrator. Selective outrage enables murder.

Bill Nicholov, President
Macedonian Human Rights Movement International