Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Dan Masin
Press Release

MHRMI Announces Support for Macedonian-Canadian Political Candidate Dan Masin

Macedonian Human Rights Movement International calls on Macedonian-Canadians to join our support of Dan Masin, a proud Macedonian-Canadian, who is seeking candidacy in the Ontario riding of Simcoe North.

Masin is running for the nomination in the Conservative Party of Canada, but MHRMI stresses that we are supporting Dan Masin as an individual, and reiterate our position that any political party that wants support from Macedonians must clearly support Macedonia's name and our Macedonian identity first.

Masin has been working tirelessly to gain support for Macedonia and Macedonians and for Canada to denounce the illegal, forced renaming of Macedonia. Becoming a Member of Parliament will give Macedonians a strong, effective voice in Canadian politics.

"My goal is to strengthen the relationship between Canada and Macedonia, to protect our heritage and our identity, and to gain Canadian support in returning Macedonia's name", said Dan Masin in a statement to MHRMI.

The first step is for Masin to become the Conservative Party's nominee for the Simcoe North riding. Macedonians who have residence there need to sign up for membership in the party, then support Masin when the vote for candidacy is called. More information can be found at and by contacting Dan Masin at

Masin's family comes from Prekopana and Vumbel in Aegean Macedonia and are well aware of what it means to fight for their existence as Macedonians. Masin's family name was forcibly changed to "Masinis" by Greek authorities but was changed back to Masin (many older Macedonian surnames ended with "in") when they emigrated to Canada.

Macedonians are facing the most crucial fight for our name and identity in decades. We need a voice in the Western political sphere who will demand support for Macedonia. Dan Masin has stepped up and will be that voice. MHRMI calls on Macedonian-Canadians to ensure that he has that opportunity. Nomination papers are due now and the vote for candidacy will be called very shortly. Contact Dan today and give him your support.