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Macedonians in Albania

Macedonians in Albania Demand Full Respect for Their Minority Rights

Macedonians in Albania issued a list of demands to the Albanian government, through its MAEI party. MAEI held a congress in Tirana on September 13, 2019 and declared that it demands the introduction of the Macedonian language as the official language in each municipal unit where the Macedonians amount to at least 10 percent of the population and that Macedonian minority rights should apply across the country, not just in the three south-eastern municipalities where they are most numerous.

The party also demands a redrawing of the municipal borders and that the two abolished municipalities Golo Brdo and Gora are restored, guaranteed seats in the Albanian Parliament, public education in Macedonian and freedom to create associations of citizens and political parties. Macedonians in Albania also demand full respect for their religious rights, publicly funded TV and radio channels in Macedonian and subsidies for Macedonian language newspapers.