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Macedonians in Albania Condemn Provocation from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

The Macedonian Association "Ilinden" - Tirana and the Macedonians from Albania strongly condemn the latest provocation from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences which refers to the Macedonian language as a "dialect of the Bulgarian language".

Macedonians are not Bulgarians and the Macedonian language is not a dialect of the Bulgarian language! The Macedonian Association "Ilinden" - Tirana strongly condemns the position of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, in response to the Declaration on the Macedonian language issued by the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts on December 3rd, and its claims that the "Macedonian language does not exist" and that the "Macedonian language is a dialect of the Bulgarian language"!

With its demands, Bulgaria has confirmed it does not deserve its place in the European Union, to which it is an unnecessary embarrassment. The behavior of Sofia toward the Macedonians is proof of the nationalist behavior of Bulgarian politics since the days of 1878 and San Stefano. To make things even more ironic, today Sofia claims to "fight" against the Russian influence in Bulgaria, forgetting that bot the state of Bulgaria and San Stefano Bulgaria were products of Russia! Macedonians in Albania have always been Macedonians. Macedonians in Albania will never become Bulgarians!

Macedonian Association "Ilinden" - Tirana
President Nikola Gjurgjaj