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MHRMI supporter Biljana Saragil
Press Release

Macedonians Deserve Equality! -

Message from MHRMI supporter Biljana Saragil

I am MACEDONIAN. My ancestors were NOT Greek or Bulgarian. Unfortunately, they are our oppressors. I am most definitely NOT "North Macedonian". I don’t recognize the politicians who wish to sell my name, ethnicity, language and culture which is my basic human right with the false hopes of entering the EU. The Zaev regime does NOT represent my family, my ancestors or my descendants. I don’t know what he represents except money, for his corrupt and treacherous self.

If NATO and the EU wish to welcome Macedonia into the “family” the door should be wide open without the stipulations of changing our name, airport, historical monuments, origin of our language and the history of our fallen heroes such as Goce Delcev who dedicated his life for an independent Macedonia. This is NOT what NATO and the EU are supposed to represent. They are supposed to be inclusive instead of creating obstacles preventing the union. And even after Zaev sold our country through the Prespa Agreement the obstacles from Greece, Bulgaria, NATO and the EU have been endless. The door is closed Zaev. No matter how much you try to sell your soul and the souls of the people you claim to represent. The EU does not want us no matter what you give up and you were foolish enough to give up so much to Greece without so much as a written guarantee from the EU. And now it’s Bulgaria’s turn to make their list of demands and use their veto power the same way Greece did. They know you are desperate and corrupt and are playing with you like the puppet that you are. Greece and Bulgaria are in fact amazed at how much you are willing to give up and sell your own people’s ethnic identity for a false sense of hope. For a few € for your Mama’s Ajvar family business along with other personal financial gain. Shame on you Zaev. Срам да ти е.

I was born and raised in Canada but am of Macedonian descent. I come from the West. I LOVE Canada and the United States. I want the absolute best for the country I call home and my fellow neighbour. But it honestly pains me that they have failed to acknowledge the Macedonian Genocide perpetrated by the Greeks from 1913-1949. It pains me that Macedonia is a country whose history is not remembered and honoured and continues to be oppressed. Somehow the West thinks by not recognizing our oppressed history or giving it the attention it deserves perhaps we can be silenced and history can re-write itself so they can keep their Greek lobbyists happy. But our history, cultural genocide and oppression is very well documented. Many of our families and friends are still alive and are first-hand witnesses. Our people’s land was stolen. Our people were raped, killed, beheaded, separated from their children and our land, churches, schools, tombstones and people were ethnically cleansed. Our country was divided into 4 partitions in 1913. Instead of being protected and our history being honoured and remembered like those from the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide, we are being told to give up our name, culture, origin of our language and our history. This is NOT the Western democratic way. This is NOT what the EU is supposed to represent. This is NOT how I was raised in this glorious multicultural country and continent where every ethnicity and country is supposed to be loved and respected.

What happened to protecting the human rights of ALL countries and ethnicities? What happened to being honourable and doing the right thing and representing ALL of humankind? What happened to remembering and teaching history to our children so that we can all learn from it and never repeat the same mistakes again? What is the point of recognizing any other country’s past history or genocide if you won’t use the same human decency and empathy to recognize ALL? Does human decency and empathy come with a list of conditions and a price tag? Is this what society and our politicians have become instead of what they are trying to portray?

I am Macedonian. I speak, read and write the Macedonian language. I cook and bake Macedonian food and dance traditional Macedonian oro. I am a patron of Macedonian Orthodox Churches. Macedonia exists. It has always existed. It will exist forever. Нека пукнат душманите!

Long live Macedonia! Да живее Македонија!