Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Defence Minister Krasimir Karakachanov

Macedonian Association “Ilinden” - Tirana strongly condemns statements from Karakachanov and Kovatchev

The Macedonian Association “Ilinden” - Tirana condemns the latest provocative steps from Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Krasimir Karakachanov from the VMRO-BND party, Andrey Kovatchev, member of the European Parliament for the GERB party, and the Bulgarian Embassy in Tirana. By handing out Bulgarian passports, they are attempting to buy “Bulgarians” in Albania, as part or their efforts to “prove” that the Macedonian language “does not exist”.

With indignation, Macedonians in Albania condemn the anti-Macedonian positions of the government in Sofia, and consider their renewed attempt to deny the existence of the Macedonian language as frivolous and ridiculous. The Macedonian Association “Ilinden” - Tirana calls on the European Parliament to take steps against GERB MEP Andrey Kovatchev, who is abusing his position as a member of European Parliament to pressure Macedonians in Albania. The Macedonian Association “Ilinden” - Tirana condemns the government in Sofia for its discriminatory, racist and Nazi-Fascist demands and attempts to deny the existence of the Macedonian people as a whole.

Macedonian Association “Ilinden” - Tirana
President, Nikola Gjurgjaj