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Judgement Announced in MHRMINicholov Lawsuit Against US-Controlled Media Outlet in Macedonia
Press Release

Judgement Announced in MHRMI/Nicholov Lawsuit Against US-Controlled Media Outlet in Macedonia

Macedonian Human Rights Movement International (MHRMI) and its President, Bill Nicholov, filed lawsuits for insult and defamation against Bujar Osmani, foreign minister of the regime in Macedonia, and 360 Degrees, a media outlet controlled and funded by the United States. Osmani and 360 Degrees are highly critical — and routinely defame — those who condemn U.S. anti-Macedonian policies and crackdown on human rights and civil liberties.

A judgement was announced in the MHRMI/Nicholov lawsuit against 360 Degrees on October 2, 2023. Despite its editor, Vasko Popetrevski, having admitted in open court that 360 Degrees defamed MHRMI President Bill Nicholov and MHRMI, that it fabricated "corruption" charges against them and stated in court that they are "not corrupt", and that its "true target" was the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria, the court ruled in favour of 360 Degrees. (see MHRMI's report on total U.S. control over Macedonia's judiciary here).

"The biggest fear that the regime, it's judiciary, and pro-regime media outlets have is to be exposed for their attacks on Macedonians and for their complete U.S. government-guided hypocrisy. Even their Western directors have condemned rulings by the judiciary. We have appealed this judgement but, more importantly, we will continue to expose the regime and all associated with it for their anti-Macedonian actions", said Bill Nicholov, President of Macedonian Human Rights Movement International.

Trajce Torov, lawyer for Nicholov and MHRMI added, "Independent courts should not defend defamatory journalism, which attacks victims of oppression and those who help them. This represents a concerted attack on the human rights of victims, by foreign oppressors, biased domestic courts and old-school so-called journalism."

Background information is available here.

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