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International Research Group Offers Support to Macedonia

Ethnic Policy, a research platform providing theoretical and policy relevant research on ethnic matters worldwide, has pledged support to Macedonians in educating the world about the imposed name change. In a statement to Macedonian Human Rights Movement International, Ethnic Policy Founder Ahmed Al-Saidy said:

"As the name change deal was being forced on Macedonians, negative sentiment grew within the international community that has been following updates from Macedonia. We at Ethnic Policy have since decided to give a platform to Macedonians to discuss their identity, ethnic politics and argue the importance of their original name."

Ethnic Policy has since released a podcast entitled "Macedonia - A Nation Forced into Changing its Name", in which an interview is conducted with Professor Biljana Vankovska from St. Kiril and Metodij University in Skopje, Macedonia.

"I offer a leftish perspective and critique of Europe's policies targeting states on the EU's periphery. In particular, the bizarre story of competing nationalisms over Macedonia, which has been ongoing for over 150 years, as well as the neocolonial governance of the European Union. The central issue of the talk is the so-called "Prespa Agreement" that allegedly "resolved" the old Macedonian Question, but was really designed to deny Macedonians our right to self-determination, our name, identity, and history", said Vankovska.

The podcast can be heard here.

MHRMI thanks Ethnic Policy for their tremendous support and calls on all those interested in defending human rights to also issue statements and offer support to Macedonia and Macedonians.


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