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European Free Alliance Calls for EU Action to Defend the Macedonian Minority in Bulgaria

European Free Alliance

Gasteiz, 20th July 2021

Dear President von der Leyen, dear Commissioner Reynders,

On behalf of the European Free Alliance and its member party OMO Ilinden-Pirin, I am writing to you concerning the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria.

For many years, the Macedonian minority has been mistreated by the state, and denied basic rights guaranteed under European Union law.

Registration of Macedonian organisations is frequently blocked by the Bulgarian state, and hate speech and discrimination against the minority is rife.

An active dialogue between the state and representatives of the minority must be established in order to resolve problems.

The rights of minorities are universal and when infringed, must be investigated and acted upon appropriately.

In the name of the Macedonian minority we call on you:

• To raise the issue of the Macedonian minority officially with Bulgaria.

• To include the matter of minorities and specifically that of the Macedonian minority in the monitoring of Bulgaria.

• To insist that Bulgaria apply the Framework Convention to all minorities, including the Macedonian minority.

• To examine cases involving discrimination and hate speech against the Macedonians.

• To demand that Bulgaria implement without question the judgements of the ECHR.

Yours sincerely, Lorena López de Lacalle

President of the European Free Alliance