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Game of Risk

Biden Will Make America “Normal” Again

Unless Trump and his enablers prevent it, Joe Biden will become president and he will Make America Normal Again — for America. The world will continue to suffer. But not just because of Trump and his policies — in addition to them.

Both US political parties have been wreaking havoc on the world stage for decades, and Joe Biden has been right in the middle of it for decades.

To prevent typical political punditry from painting my criticism of Biden as “support for the other guy” — I hate Donald Trump. His racism, sexism, cartoonish idiocy…I could go on. And I have. Hit me up on Twitter to see. And read some of my articles.

But this is about the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, and his cartoonish idiocy, which now seems normal, thanks to Trump.

What will Biden do for America? He will, ironically, dial down the dumb. He will fight the coronavirus instead of fighting against those who fight it. He’ll actually get work done instead of juggling his tweeting, golfing and eating.

But he will also return America to “normal”, and do nothing about the millions of people who don’t have health insurance and for the millions who do, make sure that they still rely on private companies to keep them “healthy”. (Take that term with a grain of salt, but, please, not literally). So, how can “the world’s greatest democracy” not have universal health care? America’s “normal” will also still include unchecked anti-Black police violence. And mass shootings. I could go on…

And Biden will work tirelessly to ensure that American imperialism endures, and grows, at the expense of the world. All the while, Biden will espouse values he claims to uphold and express outrage when American tactics are used against the US, be it by “foreign adversaries” or domestic terrorists like Trump.

He will employ drones, drop bombs, kill civilians, enable dictators, pardon terrorists, terrorize populations, imprison innocent people, threaten their families, violate international law, strip entire ethnic groups of their basic human rights…

This literally hits home. I’m referring to my ethnic group. All of these tactics have been, or still are, being used against Macedonia and Macedonians. Many of these tactics are being used in other countries too. But the Democratic Party, just like their Republican counterparts, hide this from the American people. They spin it as “spreading democracy throughout the world”, but it’s a painfully obvious dog whistle for spreading tyranny in order to achieve their misguided foreign policy objectives.

But why Macedonia? US politicians would say “why not?” as they treat every country on Earth as unwilling pawns in a giant game of Risk.

Specifically, Greece and Bulgaria vowed to veto Macedonia’s NATO and EU membership bids unless it changed its name, identity and history to suit their anti-Macedonian policies of denying the persecution and existence of the large Macedonian minorities within their borders. Yes, really. Bulgaria, an ally of Hitler and the occupying power in Macedonia during WWII, even threw in revisions of Jewish history to deny its role in deporting 7,000 Macedonian Jews to the Treblinka death camp in Poland. Another yes, really.

So why would the US, the self-proclaimed “beacon of human rights”, go along with (and actually lead) the policy to destroy Macedonians’ ethnic identity and forcibly change Macedonia’s name? To increase NATO (and EU) membership and defend its gold medal in the Imperialist Interventionist Olympics.

My American friends, don’t celebrate this gold medal. Instead, do something to actually try to make America normal: Do not allow Biden to be his typical, hypocritical self. Demand that he “Be Best” and live up to the ideals he espouses, if, for nothing else, to spite the originator (and her husband) of that unfortunate slogan.

Bill Nicholov, President
Macedonian Human Rights Movement International