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2021 Canadian Census Contributes to Discrimination Against Macedonians


The 2021 Canadian Census is contributing to discrimination against Macedonians - make sure that the Canadian government knows that you are Macedonian from Macedonia, no matter which part of partitioned Macedonia you come from, and that you denounce Canada's shocking support of the forced name change.

Where it asks what language you speak, learned, still speak (in addition to English and French where applicable) enter Macedonian. To the questions about your (and your ancestors) ethnic and cultural origin and what country you came from - enter Macedonian and Macedonia. If Macedonia is not accepted (an anti-Macedonian prompt has appeared on some of the questions - see the picture below), enter Republic of Macedonia and express your disgust in the feedback section at the end of the census.

The religion question should be answered Macedonian Orthodox. In the examples, the census lists "Greek Orthodox" - which is not only offensive to Macedonians, but to all other Eastern Orthodox religions.

There are different versions of the census, so not everybody will get the same questions. In the feedback section, make your voice heard - denounce Canada's anti-Macedonian position and tell them that you made Macedonian Human Rights Movement International aware of the issues. Please contact us and send screenshots.

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