Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Press Release
MHRMI Meets with US Congressional Macedonia Caucus Member - Calls for US to Denounce Anti-Macedonian Name Negotiations

US Congress (Merrillville, Indiana - March 13, 2018) -- Macedonian Human Rights Movement International member, Susie Talevski, met with Member of Congress, Peter Visclosky, of the Congressional Macedonia Caucus, to discuss the crisis surrounding Macedonia's name and the blatant attacks against Macedonia's right to self-determination.

While Ms. Talevski thanked Mr. Visclosky and the Macedonia Caucus for its support of Macedonia, she pointed out that it is, in fact, US foreign policy that has undermined Macedonia's independence and most basic of human rights by demanding that Macedonia change its name. This irresponsible, and racist, US policy has ultimately led to immense pressure on Macedonia to change the name of its language and history, and Macedonians' ethnic origin and identity. These actions are all blatant violations of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, every international human rights convention and the rule of law and democracy that the United States claims to uphold.

Further, it is highly irresponsible for the Macedonia Caucus (see their
letter to the Secretary of State) to deflect criticism of the United States' own foreign-interventionist policy by claiming that "Russian meddling" is creating instability in the Balkans. In 2017, several Members of Congress initiated a Congressional investigation into US State Department and US Embassy in Macedonia meddling in Macedonia's recent parliamentary election. Judicial Watch has also launched a lawsuit to this end. Ms. Talevski called for the immediate resolution of the Congressional investigation and full disclosure of its findings.

Moreover, Ms. Talevski pointed out that one only need to look at public statements by US officials - the calls for Macedonia to change its name to appease our oppressors - to see the full extent that US foreign policy has in undermining the existence of an entire country and ethnic group. She called on the United States to immediately reverse its Macedonia policy and to fully support Macedonia's name by immediately denouncing the anti-Macedonian name negotiations as per the Our Name Is Macedonia campaign. The US has the power to end this nonsensical "dispute" and must do it now.


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