Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
EFA (European Free Alliance): Prespa - A dangerous agreement

EFA Great concerns with the so called "Prespa agreement” between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia.

The fact that the Republic of Macedonia might from now on have a more positive prospect towards the normalization of its relationship with Greece, and a brighter future regarding the accession process of the Republic in the EU and NATO, is very positively regarded by the European Free Alliance. Nevertheless, the terms of the Prespa agreement collide with the respect of the Republic of Macedonia as a sovereign country with a particular history, identity and language and shows that the negotiations and the final agreement haven't taken place in a spirit of respect between the parts nor at an equal footage.

This agreement binds Macedonia to obey with unjust pacts such as the eradication of the history of Macedonia and the obliteration of any reference to the Macedonians living in Greece. EFA President, Francois Alfonsi, stated that "the end of the Greek blockage to the Republic of Macedonia on NATO and EU integration has a price that might be just too high to be acceptable. EFA is highly concerned about the consequences of the deal, certainly on what we fear will happen to the Macedonian minority in Greece (and Bulgaria). EFA fears that the lack of respect for the Macedonian minorities in the mentioned member states will further deteriorate. This pact undermines the Macedonian identity in general and, in particular, relegates the Macedonian minorities in the neighboring countries to eradication”.

Greece (and Bulgaria) have never acknowledged the existence of any Macedonian minority within their territories. Now, following this agreement, the situation of the Macedonian minorities in the neighboring countries will considerably worsen. Lorena Lopez de Lacalle, Vicepresident of EFA, who visited the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria earlier this year, underlines that "if the Macedonian history is to be interpreted and written by Greece, if the Macedonian identity is to be determined by Greece, there will be even less margin for the Macedonian minority in Greece and Bulgaria to state and defend their case. The Republic of Macedonia will have to bare its share of culpability for the injustices that emanate from the Prespa agreement. The end of a blockage to EU and NATO accession should never undermine the right of a nation to its own existence.”