Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Press Release
MHRMI Condemns the West's Portrayal of Potential Macedonia Name Change as a "Victory"

Name Change Not only is Western coverage factually incorrect, it is blatantly racist as the potential change to a country's name and its people's ethnic identity, origin, language and history - all in the name of appeasing its oppressors - cannot be "celebrated". It violates every human rights convention that the West claims to uphold.

Following the anti-Macedonian, US-installed "Prime Minister" Zoran Zaev's symbolic agreement today with Macedonia's most notorious oppressor, Greece, Western nations and media were quick to celebrate these violations of Macedonia's most basic of human rights. Factually:

1. A Prime Minister cannot unilaterally change Macedonia's name.

2. Any suggestion of a name change violates the Macedonian Constitution and the offending "leader" faces imprisonment.

3. Any major change that is not in violation of the Constitution faces a Parliamentary vote and referendum

4. The Macedonian President has veto power and already announced that he will use it.

If the West insists on covering this anti-human rights story, then it must do so responsibly.

Further, MHRMI President Bill Nicholov, in his discussions and meetings with several newsroom editors said,
"We demand that media outlets stop relying on one source - Reuters - to blindly publish news stories without doing any research or using common sense. To name a few: CBC, CTV and CP24. We are awaiting your response, immediate retraction, and apology. We demand that you stop reporting on the Macedonia name issue as a 'diplomatic dispute' and we expect and demand defence of our basic human rights. If not, we will take further action. This also applies to all other media outlets."

Macedonian Human Rights Movement International asks this question - what if any other country were in this situation? The West would condemn any attempts to violate its basic right to self-determination. Why the double-standard for Macedonia and Macedonians? Is it laziness, ignorance or complicity? If Indigenous groups were not permitted to use their age-old names, there would be immediate, and justified, outrage. MHRMI has, and will, proudly participate in their defence.

Macedonia and Macedonians demand the same level of support.


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