Macedonian Human Rights Movement International

With each 'Accomplishment', Zaev Sells Off another Piece of Macedonia

Nema zhivot so Zoran Zaev By Bill Pavlovski, Macedonian Human Rights Movement International

Completing one more task off his 'To-Sell' list, illegitimate puppet PM Zoran Zaev has given away yet another piece of Macedonia's dignity. In order to show just how 'friendly' he can be to his Greek neighbours, Zaev has just agreed to change the name of Macedonia's new airport and highway - both named after Alexander the Great. There is no word yet on the new name for the airport, but reports say the highway will aptly be named 'Friendship'.

This move is no doubt to meant placate the desires of his Greek friends, but the Greeks of course will not be satisfied with this mere appetizer and fully expect Zaev to serve them Macedonia's name, and the identity of all Macedonians, on a silver platter.

The Greeks have never hidden the fact that their end goal is to see the Republic of Macedonia wiped off the map, and Zaev is just the fool to make it happen. He has always maintained that he would find a way to 'end the conflict' with the Greeks, ever since his 'Colour Revolution' when he was throwing paint at our historical monuments in Macedonia's capital. Anyone who is surprised at Zaev's actions against Macedonia's ethnic identity was either somehow completely ignorant and never listened to a word he said, or they're lying and were all for it, just as long as they get the few extra Euros he promised them.

Since controversially - and illegally - taking control of Macedonia's government, Zaev and his traitorous SDS team have given away a part of our most cherished history - that of the Ilinden Uprising and every drop of blood our ancestors had shed for our Macedonian people - to the Bulgarians, his other pals. They also recently passed another illegal vote to make Albanian an official language across the country, at equal standing to Macedonian. An unprecedented win for a minority with grossly inflated and unverified numbers. With Zaev's Albanian terrorist/separatist speaker of parliament, Talat Xzaferi, by his side, Zaev might very well end up giving even more to his Albanian friends than just new signage.

If anyone believes that Zaev is finished selling off what is left of an independent Macedonia and our Macedonian identity, the reality is that he has just begun, and the worst is yet to come. Those who voted for him knowing what he would do, who voted with their wallets rather than their head and heart, or merely for a chance to get an EU passport and leave the country altogether, your friends and family will remember who you are once the walls come down.

For those Macedonians who were against Zaev from the start, or even those who have finally realized the mistake they made for supporting him, now is your time to do something. If the citizens of Macedonia don't act and allow the traitorous puppet SDS 'government' to continue with their plan of tearing apart the last remaining independent piece of Macedonia, your inaction will be something you will regret for the rest of your lives. There is no more time for doubt or for fear. The wheels have been set in motion and right now Zaev has nobody trying to stop him, not even the main opposition, VMRO-DPMNE, who seem to be cowering on the sidelines, waiting for the people to lead, rather than lead the charge, themselves, as they were voted in to do.

With one political party working hard to destroy the Republic of Macedonia to appease everyone but the Macedonian people, and the other not working at all to defend us, it is time for the people of Macedonia to take fate into their own hands. We must stand up together, as our ancestors did time and time again, for OUR Macedonian name, OUR Macedonian identity, OUR Macedonian history and culture, and OUR country - Macedonia.
...while we can still call it Macedonia. Our Name Is Macedonia. Defend it.