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Press Release
The Zaev-Tsipras Meeting in Davos: Zaev Once Again Puts on Display His Contempt for Macedonia's Name, Identity and History

Zaev and Tsipras On 24 January 2018, on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the foreign-installed leader of the puppet government in Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, met with Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, to discuss Greek-Macedonian relations and the irrational Greek objection to Macedonia's historical and rightful name, Republic of Macedonia.

At the joint press conference held after the meeting Zaev, in a cringeing attempt to ingratiate himself with the Prime Minister of a country which has made no secret of its desire to eradicate Macedonian identity, put on a display of fawning obsequiousness that surpassed his previous humiliating attempts at "accommodation”. Aside from the humiliating announcement that Macedonia would be renaming Alexander the Great Airport in Skopje and the main highway in Macedonia which also bears the name Alexander the Great (reportedly to the "Friendship Highway”; we won't comment on the irony of this) as a gesture of "good will”, Zaev openly indicated that the name of his country Macedonia would also be changed to meet Greece's racist objections and to smooth Macedonian's path towards "Euro Atlantic integration”. How otherwise to interpret the fact that during the entire press conference Zaev, while standing next to his overlord Tsipras, did not once mention the word Macedonia as the name of the country?

While the false leftist Tspiras arrogantly referred to Macedonia consistently as "Skopje” and "FYROM”, Zaev did not once have the courage- as if any national leader should require courage to utter the name of the country he represents- to use the name Macedonia, preferring to refer to it inanely and servilely as "my country”, "our country”, "the country I lead”. He has done so consistently in the past and did so as recently as last week when interviewed in Macedonia by a journalist from the Greek TV station "Alpha”. Zaev's reluctance, indeed almost obsessive refusal, to say his country's name in front of Greek politicians is unmistakeable evidence that he and his quisling government are preparing to change Macedonia's name, thereby dealing a mortal blow to Macedonian identity, history, language and culture and by extension Macedonia's existence as the national state of the Macedonian people. At the same time Tsipras unequivocally stated that apart from the name, Macedonia would also have to change its national identity and language in order for Greece to "support” its Euro Atlantic aspirations. Zaev did not challenge Tsipras's demands, but instead obediently nodded like a school boy being lectured to by the school principal.

MHRMI publicly calls on Zaev to answer the following questions: Which country are you the ostensible leader of? What is the name of that country in its Constitution which you are sworn to uphold? Will you continue being the leader of the Republic of My Country/ Our Country/ The Country I Lead or the Republic of Macedonia? When will you stop being the servile pawn of the USA, NATO, EU, Greece, Bulgaria and Albania. Do you have an ounce of Macedonian national pride in your body or will you continue being the only leader of a government in the world who refuses to use a country's official name, utter the name of its language and the name of its people when he leaves the country and increasingly within the country?

Zaev's reluctance to use Macedonia's official name is incontrovertible proof that he and his installed government are prepared to change Macedonia's name at all costs to satisfy the racist demands of Greece and their EU/USA/NATO allies. However, he and his nefarious plans can be thwarted through the united actions of Macedonians in and outside of Macedonia. We therefore call on Macedonians worldwide to resolutely and unwaveringly defend Macedonia's centuries-old name. All Macedonians must unite in defence of our name. Join the MHRMI's Our Name is Macedonia Campaign and our call to end the anti-Macedonian name negotiations. Defend our right to exist as Macedonians. Don't let Zaev and the West denationalise the Macedonian people. Macedonia is all that we have!


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