Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Press Release
MHRMI Demands that VMRO-DPMNE Take Action to Defend Macedonia

VMRO-DPMNE We all know that the current US-installed SDS "government” are the biggest traitors in Macedonian history, but VMRO-DPMNE, as the self-proclaimed "defenders of Macedonia” have never lived up to their supposed reputation. And their critical mistakes are painfully evident during the crisis that Macedonia now finds itself in.

They had the chance to end the name negotiations when they were in power but never took it. Why? If they listened to MHRMI's advice, Macedonia would not be in this crisis now. Just as we warned, trying to appease the West is leading to the cultural genocide of Macedonians.

And this is the same problem now. VMRO is still trying to appease the West instead of taking action to ensure that the name change won't happen.

We call on Macedonians to demand that VMRO stop legitimizing Zaev's "government” and to: immediately boycott parliament; counter Zaev's threats by lobbying all MPs to condemn any name change; hold mass protests in conjunction with all who are defending Macedonia; lead civil disobedience; appeal to countries that already support Macedonia's right to self-determination; demand action at the UN in defence of Macedonia including a motion that the UN abide by its own rules and accept the Republic of Macedonia under its proper name; expose Zaev's illegal, anti-democratic and anti-Macedonian activities to the international community, denounce the West's mass interference in Macedonia and expose their hypocritical claims of "upholding international law and human rights conventions"; use the multitude of options within the constitution, criminal code, parliamentary and presidential rules that will prevent the destruction of Macedonia's sovereignty, human rights and will of the people; and, finally, stop acting as if the Wests owns Macedonia.

Macedonia is Macedonian. We have the power to end the name change. Demand action.


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