Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Press Release
MHRMI Condemns Macedonia's Treasonous Government on Macedonia's Independence Day

Macedonia Condemning the actions of one political party does not mean that one endorses the other. Vehemently advocating for Macedonian human and national rights does not mean that one is getting involved in civil and domestic policy. Just as Macedonians abroad should not get involved with local issues in Macedonia, politicians and citizens living in the Republic of Macedonia have absolutely no right to negotiate our age-old nationality.

MHRMI condemns the ever-increasing, treasonous acts of Macedonia's current American-installed government. Signing a "friendship" agreement with Bulgaria, in which all of our rights are thrown away and our identity is negated would only happen in Macedonia - where politicians are either corrupt or don't have the common sense or guts to stand up for our most basic of human rights.

Selling out the country to a small Albanian minority, under the guise of diplomacy and human rights, could only happen in Macedonia. MHRMI President, Bill Nicholov, has repeatedly asked during meetings with the US State Department, Global Affairs Canada, UN Envoy Matthew Nimetz, among many others, when Macedonian will become a bilingual and equal partner in Greece, Turkish in Bulgaria and Russian in Estonia. As the EU and US are doing with Albanian in Macedonia, these steps would have to be immediate and promoted as a basic human right as per European Union ideals.

Only in Macedonia could a government bend over backwards to appease its oppressors - Greece, Bulgaria, and Albania - and succumb to every whim of its puppet master - the United States. Only in Macedonia could its government cancel Independence Day celebrations in order to not "offend" its oppressors. This is what happened in Toronto, but Canadian-Macedonian organizations have stepped up to fill the void left by the anti-Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The West makes every effort to apply technical arguments as to why oppressing Macedonians' rights is justified. Yet, apply the same situation to any other country or ethnic group, and the West will vehemently defend their rights. The double-standard has united Macedonians in defence of our rights, yet Macedonia's politicians are either openly anti-Macedonian, or lack the backbone to defend иt.

So, MHRMI is marking this 26th year of the Republic of Macedonia's independence, by condemning the most anti-Macedonian government in our history - the current SDS regime. DPMNE, you had, and still have, the chance to stand up for Macedonia with one simple action - condemning the UN name/identity negotiations - but you have only showed that you lack the backbone to do so. SDS, you have the same chance. Recall Zaev, Dimitrov et al, and END the name negotiations, if, for no other reason than to spite your opponent. God knows that both parties are willing to do that much more than act in Macedonia's best interests.

For those of you who believe that Macedonia "must" negotiate its name to enter the EU and NATO - wake up. The reason that Macedonia is not in the EU and NATO is BECAUSE Macedonia is negotiating its name. The reason that the West calls for Macedonia to change its name is BECAUSE Macedonia is negotiating its name. As MHRMI has repeatedly stated - the artificial name dispute is the overarching issue that is wreaking havoc in ALL aspects of life in Macedonia. Demand an end to the name negotiations NOW. As MHRMI's Our Name Is Macedonia campaign states - Who Gave You the Right to Negotiate My Name?


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