Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Free Democratic Elections or a Continuation of the American-Led Coup of Macedonia?

Elections Macedonia's local elections on October 15, 2017 were marred with US-instigated irregularities. One could accept the election results as the democratic will of voters if they were peaceful, honest and transparent. They were not. The independent candidate for mayor of Kichevo was shot and killed for daring to run against a candidate supported jointly by SDS and DUI. The DPMNE candidate for mayor of Shuto Orizari was attacked and beaten in front of SDS's election office.

The SDS party resorted to violence and terrorism. SDS bought votes, threatened and assaulted candidates and voters alike. As a consequence the local election results have no credibility. But the US State Department, US Embassy in Macedonia and European Union have remained silent - because they played a huge part in orchestrating these events. However, any past wrongdoing by DPMNE while they were in power led to condemnation and, ultimately, their overthrow.

The State Election Commission bears responsibility for the proper conduct of elections. There cannot be fair elections if the SEC takes the lead in orchestrating election fraud and then excludes the media and public from their hearings on election complaints, and finally, dismisses every complaint submitted.

The claims by the US, EU and OSCE about upholding the rule of law and democratic election standards ring hollow. They discarded their "morals” to pursue regime change in Macedonia.

Our organizations demand that Western hypocrisy and interventionism end. And we demand that all Macedonian political parties put Macedonia's interests first for once and defend our country against attacks on our name, identity, ethnic origin and territorial integrity.

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