Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Press Release
MHRMI Calls on Macedonia's Caretaker Government to Deny Appointments by the SDSM/DUI Coalition, Announce Date for New Elections

Macedonian and Albanian flagsAs per Macedonia's constitution, Macedonian Human Rights Movement International calls on Macedonia's caretaker government to deny a mandate to the SDSM/DUI coalition, reject their current takeover of Parliament, and immediately announce a date for new elections - one free of outside interference. This is all within the caretaker government's power and guaranteed by the Macedonian constitution.

The Western-backed coalition cannot be allowed to govern based on an anti-constitutional, anti-Macedonia platform. It cannot be rewarded for the illegal appointment of its Speaker - which contravened all parliamentary rules including lacking a sufficient number of votes to pass - thus rendering it unconstitutional. It cannot be rewarded for denationalizing Macedonia and threatening to change our name, identity, flag, anthem and coat of arms, all in the name of the Tirana Platform's demands - drafted in Albania under the "guidance” of Albania's Prime Minister. The US and EU have interfered in Macedonia's internal affairs and are now blatant about it. Foreign governments cannot be permitted to govern another country.

Since Macedonia's independence, MHRMI has condemned both major Macedonian political parties for allowing the West to dictate its internal policies, and the West itself for attempting to control Macedonia for its own benefit. MHRMI rejects any notion that this is a left vs. right, or SDSM vs. VMRO issue. This is about Macedonian national and human rights. Looking at all of our statements about the Macedonia name dispute, it would appear that we are anti-VMRO, while current statements appear that we are anti-SDSM. No on both counts. We are against any, and all, parties that do not act in the best interests of Macedonia and the Macedonian people.

MHRMI reiterates its call for Macedonia's caretaker government to expel US Ambassador Baily and anyone who is interfering with Macedonia's internal affairs. We reiterate our call for Macedonia to stop seeking "approval” from the United States and European Union, when these very countries and institutions are the ones undermining Macedonia's sovereignty and viability as an independent state. We reiterate our call for the illegally-elected Speaker, Talat Xhaferi, and all others who were granted amnesty from war-crimes prosecution, to be immediately put on trial for the atrocities they committed. MHRMI reiterates its calls for the Trump administration to immediately implement its Macedonia policy - one that ends foreign interventionism - which would instantly end meddling and the crisis created by the US State Department and US Embassy in Macedonia.

MHRMI demands from the West and Western media to cover the Macedonia crisis fairly and, instead of questioning Macedonia and the Macedonian people's legitimacy, to defend and support our right to exist - as Macedonia and Macedonians. Be it laziness, naivety or complicity, the Western media reports on protests that are deemed to be pro-West, while refusing or inaccurately reporting on the Macedonia crisis and the unparalleled, non-partisan mass protests. Common sense dictates that an ethnic group will defend itself against attacks threatening its very existence. In this case, it is Macedonians defending themselves against attacks by our "traditional” oppressors and sadly, now, the United States and Western Europe. Common sense and responsible journalism would compel the Western media to cover the truth about the Macedonia crisis.

Macedonia's caretaker government holds all the power to end this crisis. MHRMI is calling on you to act now, and without reservation.


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