Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Press Release
How the West Was Lost... Thankfully for Macedonia

Protests in Macedonia Dangling EU membership for over a decade - with the condition that you change your country's age-old name first to appease an oppressor - then visiting "this country”, refusing to call it by its name, and finally calling on [insert capital city name here to avoid country's name] to accept a coalition aimed at destroying its ethnic origin and territorial integrity is the perfect recipe for turning a country away from the European Union and the West - congratulations, European Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn! You, and countless other European and American officials have literally done the opposite of what needs to be done to entice and enlarge EU membership, and the opposite of the ideals of human rights and respect that the EU and the West espouse.

Explain, please, how you possibly think this is the right path. For anybody. Macedonians have continued, rightfully so, mass protests across the entire country - yes, it's called Macedonia - against the Tirana Platform and foreign interventionism. Drafted in a foreign country, its very goal is to change Macedonia's name, identity, flag, anthem and threaten Macedonia's territorial integrity. Read it. Then tell us, Mr. Hahn and your co-conspirators, EU High Representative Ms. Mogherini, et al, if you're ignorant about its contents or if your superiority complex enables you to think that you can dictate to Macedonia how to conduct its internal affairs, and its very existence.

We're waiting for a response. We deserve one. And one suggestion, for now, on how to try to make up for this Western-inflicted mess - denounce the anti-Macedonian name negotiations and take a first step towards common sense.

Bill Nicholov, President
Macedonian Human Rights Movement International